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The Paper & The Plane @ Arena

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The Paper & The Plane @ Roundhouse

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Paper & The Plane @ HQ

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



wasting no time, the Paper and the Plane quickly fill up the tiny stage. It's practically overflowing as they get their heads nodding with their unique brand of post-hardcore. Treating fans to songs off their debut ep, it's clear these songs have evolved beyond their original recording quite nicely. A plethora of later tracks point towards the development of a more dynamic sound, and it's easy to see why these guys have been picking up the best supports lately - and (hopefully) will continue to. - Rave Magazine


ELVIS PRESLEY crooned "Like a river flows, surely to the sea" - and Brisbane’s The Paper And The Plane’s streamlined merging of numerous musical tributaries into a broader body of sound is the contemporary embodiment of The King’s famous lyric.

After a number of line-up changes since their inception in 2003, TPATP have recently settled as a five-piece. Their brand of rock/emo/indie flows comfortably between introspective acoustic balladry and hard rock - a reflection of influences ranging from Sufjan Stevens to Coheed And Cambria.

"Sometimes our diverse tastes can work in our favor,"? guitarist Paul Voge explains, "but sometimes it can be our undoing. It’s cool because we keep discovering more and more awesome bands just from writing songs together".

"We definitely love playing the slower, pretty tunes, but we are a rock band. Steve [drums] and Greg [guitar] have played in heavier bands before and I have come from playing in punk/hardcore bands".

"The softer songs are very different to what I’m used to, but they are some of my favorite songs to play. I love how we can draw people in with our slow songs and then throw it back in their face with something that will rock their ass off!"

While TPATP have secured the support slot for the local leg of the Masters Of Hardcore Tour featuring From Autumn To Ashes, The Bled, and The Getaway Plan, they also play acoustic shows.

"Acoustic shows scare the hell out of me," Voge admits. "It’s not just a matter of playing what you play electric on an acoustic - you pretty much change the whole mood of the song. It’s fun but I don’t think we will be doing it again for a while. Maybe if MTV Unplugged comes knocking, we may change our minds".

The Paper And The Plane play an acoustic show at Ric’s Bar Sunday Nov 19 and Masters Of Hardcore at Her Majesty’s Thursday Nov 23.
- Timeoff Magazine


"A year, two months, sixteen days and counting.."
released May 2008 (Starving Kids Records)
1. I didn't sign up for a marathon
2. Sleep Now
3. Not now.. not ever
4. Like solitaire with two
5. Unobtrusive

"An Introduction"
released March 2007 (independent)
1. All That I Had
2. In the City
3. My Dreams



Band biographies usually raise more questions than they answer. Clichéd spiels that hype up a band's image tend to come off superficial at best. We have decided to leave the hype to the people who know best - people who have seen and heard us and have something to say. Basically, The Paper and the Plane are a 4 piece band out of Brisbane Australia who, collectively, have more musical influences than any band should. We live to play live & love meeting new people who dig what we do. . The Paper & The Plane hate loading gear as we are unfit. Our debut release, which is pretty much our demo is out now called “An Introduction”, & our debut EP is scheduled for a late 2007 release. Other people have said this about us…
“The Paper and the Plane blew me away, with their extremely rich sound. A sound that to me resembled a huge mash of bands like Muse, Minus The Bear, Thursday, The Mars Volta and Circa Survive. With so much feeling, so much implied angst and solid emotion, their stage presence and honestly mature and at times haunting sound was thrown forth leaving a huge impression on an unsuspecting crowd. This is a band to definitely keep an eye on, I strongly suggest you check them out if you’re up for an audio induced erection." -Kill Your Stereo
“Astounding vocal range, captivating and memorable.” -Rave Magazine
“It’s not hard to see why these boys are considered one of Brisbane’s favourite home grown acts. When all the band members are singing along to their songs, regardless of whether or not they have a microphone in front of them, it’s a pretty good indication of how much they’re all enjoying themselves”-Faster, Louder

The Paper & The Plane
Greg- Guitar
Paul –Guitar
Keith- Drums
Remy- Vocals, Bass