The Paperbacks

The Paperbacks


The Paperbacks - Fronted by Gretsch rocker Amy Evans, The Paperbacks have been described as a sound of 'lyrically dark melodies & raw amplified enthusiasm'. One ear on PJ Harvey & Bertie Blackman, the other on brooding guitar dynamics & backbeat drums, The Paperbacks make an exciting read.


The Paperbacks - a new Brisbane band forging their way into the Brisbane music scene. Not unlike a paperback novel, The Paperbacks are writing their own stories & paving their way with a mix of lyrically dark introspection & raw amplified enthusiasm.

Fronted by singer, songwriter & guitarist, Amy Evans, who's voice has been described as a torrent of emotion, lush with sincerity and dense with complexity. The Paperbacks churning Gretsch sound is further complimented by the contrasting crispness fired by the alternately sparkling Rickenbacker, warm enveloping bass and stompy colourful percussion.

The band's diverse influences of artists such as PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Go-Betweens & The Smiths, provide the firm musical base from which the foundations of their melodic pop-rock sound is formed.

Progress and opportunity compelled The Paperbacks to record their first 3 track demo at 'The Blue Room' in Brisbane's West. Although modest, it brewed deserved interest and proved to be an important step in cementing The Paperbacks sound & their tight friendship.

Now, having both live experience & a clutch of loyal readers, The Paperbacks will be recording their debut EP in Spring 2008.

With their beginnings well underway, The Paperbacks are ready to inject themselves into the thriving Brisbane music scene which has already laid a solid foundation for this story to unfold.

To Be Continued ..


E.P has just been mastered and are currently packaging CD's

Set List

typical set list is 45mins - 1 hr (10 - 15 songs)