The Paperboxes

The Paperboxes


The Paperboxes mix both Hastings’ and Tin’ main influences with astounding results. Hastings and Tin combine their love of greats such as The Pixies, The Sex Pistols, AC/DC, and Robert Johnson, into a tight two piece ensembles that has been dubbed “A bluesy rendition of early Nirvana.”


In the beginning, Marcus Hastings and Raymond Tin formed the foundation for a full band but soon found it was too difficult to get two members together to jam let alone three so they decided to form The Paperboxes. The duo, with Marcus A.M. Hastings’ raw vocals and rudimentary but solid drumming along with Raymond M. Tin’s highly distorted, heavy metal and punk influenced guitar riffs, play a loud, aggressive, high energy show intended to assault the listener’s ear drums.


Look! They're Shoting Buffalo - EP
Zombies - EP

Set List

7-10 song in a typical set.
Avg. 35-50 minutes a set

Complete Song List
2.Die Die De
3.Drawing Animals Is Fun!
4.Figure It Out
6.Lose My Mind
7.Lost At Sea
8.No Secrets
9.Pack Your Bags
11.Walkin Dirty
12.You Be The Dog..(And I'll Be The Cat)
13.ShinBone (No No No)
14.Queen of My Heart