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The Paper Scissors

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Live Review (excerpt)"

"Stepping out from that place between shadows and dreams, the band maintains a fresh kooky approach to live music without stumbling into parody." Drew Clarke, Brag Magazine - Brag Magazine

"Excerpt from feature article Stu Magazine"

" It's edgy and cutting, never sitting too comfortably on the ear but instead ramming itself firmly into your consciousness on the back of a series of devastatingly upbeat riffs and a voice that tremors with its emotive authenticity. " Zolton Zavos, editor, Stu Magazine, Issue #27. - Stu Magazine


The Paper Scissors EP
out June/July in Australia.
Will be vaialable from



The Paper Scissors play rock music, taking particular notes from funk (ie. Sly Stone, Bill Withers), hip hop production, some white boys; Bowie, Talking Heads and contemporaries such as The Arcade Fire, Edan, DFA etc. They are flying a flag for 'Post Indie', prefering to write songs that you can hum, raising smiles instead of vacant stares. They have been playing around Sydney for about a year with kick ass shows at The Mandarin Club, The Hopetoun, Spectrum, The Annandale Hotel, The Metro Transit, Candy's Apartment, with folks like Gerling, Ghosts Of Television, Midnight Juggernauts, Pip Branson Corporation, The Glass Age etc. A special place in the paper scissors hearts was filled when they played Easter Sunday at the great escape festival alongside The Black Keys, Femi Kuti etc. Extra curricular activities include Dj sets at Fbi's afterparty, Purple Sneakers, bing bang bong and Jai played a solo show in Dec 05 at Jittoku in Kyoto Japan. Good reviews have flowed, and an ever growing number of people are enjoying their live show which goes from straight out rock assaults to stomping punk funk nastiness and in between. They have been featured as a band to watch in Hotpress magazine and their song 'We Don't Walk' has been flogged on A rotation on fbi radio, brandishing the ears of Sydney with disco punk freak outs. 2006 will be a good year for TPS as it is the year of the dog in the Chinese horoscope and Xavier and Jai are both mutts. They intend to put out their debut EP play some seriously good gigs in Sydney, tour the country a bit, promote their own extravaganza's, play festivals and impress big wigs and civilians with their live show.