The Paper Scout

The Paper Scout


An indie folk sound with a progressive pop rock approach.


Sounds Similar To: Jeff Tweedy, Ben Kweller, Andrew Bird, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie. What sets TPS apart from other bands is simplicity. Now a day its more common to find epic complex musical bands (Which is awesome) however TPS follows the "simple yet effective" way of writing. With catchy hooks in an old fashioned straight to the point kind of way.


Most Recent Album: 8 notes apart, can be purchased and heard at:
The Paper Scout is currently in the studio working on his second album originally titled "When Fish Sing" will now be released with the title "Birds in the Sea, Fish in the Sky". The Paper Scout is a member of BMI; and has been published by two TV/Film/Movie Libraries.

Set List

1. I am Blind
2. Feels Like
3. I Only Wrote This Song
4. Standing Still
5. Manfish
6. 8 Notes Apart
7. Kiss Me
8. Always You
9. We're all ok
10. Bye Bye

I have 12 more original songs I can also play if set exceeds the first ten. Those songs are:

1. Cheese
2. No Parking
3. Magnesium Dream
4. 20 More Seconds
5. Back and Forth
6. Mono Zapatos
7. Cloudy Day
8. Boxed in Life
9. Sunday Mornin
10. Not Just Yet (New)
11. And The Room Spins (New)
12. Haven't Seen You In So Long (New)

This is all original music; order of play and amount of songs played vary, Set time can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour; Depending on venue.