The Paper Sparrow Cabaret

The Paper Sparrow Cabaret


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Doll Faced Clown

Written By: Sarah-Dawn Albani

come here you little doll faced clown
the newspaperman is chasing you down
wants your picture and the caption to go with it
you made the front page how exquisite

but I know you your a dream your a lie your a
temptress in disguise
if only you would love me like I love you

but its always been the same I shake the sticks rattle
the chains
the ,morning dawns again and I can't sleep
it's much to cold in the tent without love to prevent
the mind just runs and leaps and falls against the

same old puzzles same old riddles
wasted hours rotten middle
and my heart forgets to mend
I won't bother to pretend to smile

well it is true I followed you here but that was many
years ago
you were young and I was old
tattooed your dreams upon my soul
invited you to learn the ropes
walking slack and making jokes
up on those stilts and juggling pins your painted face
drove me to sin
now my heart forgets to mend I won't bother to pretend
to smile

well I'm a dirty old clown
the best years of my life I left behind in some other
I'd try to find them but it would only make me cry
now after all that we've been through you leave me
cold in rotting wool
the tent is leaking too and there is no fire
now coo you little dove to that new man that you love
he is a high flying pretty dunce
but he'll never make you smile

These Days

Written By: Sarah-Dawn Albani

well the keys of this old piano
they make a clickety clack and they grow old
well the ivory is all stained
and the ebony is worn thin
she rides on the songs like the aching wind
well my old heart won't let me go back
I don't trust myself I know it is a one way track

so let me go oh spirit of the big show

and so it is
that a song takes form
it writes itself in neon light
behind the eyes and in the storm of
heart broken
like this old piano
I rise above
I sink below
and you
you want to make it through
but it is a hard hard road you have ahead of you

and I won't go back
I don't trust myself
it is a one way track
and I belong
on the other side
these days
these days
these days