The Paper Stars

The Paper Stars


"The sounds and the stories of The Paper Stars reflect the kind of spaces where words and music meet in that dusty first light of dawn." (Denver Syntax)


We love soul music of all varieties. Early roots country, blues, and jazz. Global folk traditions from anywhere and everywhere. Classic Rock n' Roll. Storytelling. Chants and Hollers. We take these elements and pull them into the realm of popular culture with the additions of electronic manipulation and experimentation. Influences include the timeless greats like Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones. Newer bands like Wilco, Calexico, Iron and Wine, Andrew Bird, Feist and Arcade Fire have also had a huge impact. We have been together in the small but fertile art/music scene of Boulder, Colorado for the last 3 years, however several of us have known each other for many more years. Now, it has all come together very magically with the collective intention of crafting meaningful songs for the masses. The songs speak for themselves and they speak to the extent of talent focused into this project. We love what we do.


Walking Shadow

Written By: Tres Altman

Walking Shadow

Pray go lightly
Lovely lady love
Into the night we go
walking shadow

And I feel I need to find another place to hide
I’m still reeling from catapulting glances that you left inside
I’m still running over bones that are frail and broken
But she said keep your eyes wide open.
Cause there will come a day when the fear is left behind
There will come a day when you make a new sign
Like some exotic painting, or a mirror deep inside your mind, you will shine.
And I think I need to sink my feet into the ground
Where the feeling I was losing finds fruition in the things I’ve found
I’m still angry over words that were never even spoken
But she said keep your eyes wide open.
Cause there will come a day when the fear is left behind
And there will come a day when there’s something new to find
like a treasure in the ocean or vein in an lost gold mine, you will shine…


Self-titled release- *The Paper Stars* (2007)

Set List

We have different sets for different style venues. We do a mellow 1 hour acoustic set for cafes and other "sitdown" venues. Our 2 hour set features our favorite acoustic songs flanked by more uptempo roots rock/pop. We have done different covers, usually versions of more obscure classics : i.e.- "Mother's Little Helper (Rolling Stones) and "Are You Ready For the Country" (Neil Young). We normally throw in 1 cover a night and try to make it a "new" experience for the listeners by changing the arrangment and vibe of the song.