The Paperwaits

The Paperwaits


We play the music we want to play, which is normally a blend of 60's garage and new-age folk music.


The Paperwaits were started by Eric Marshall and Matthew Seferian in a practice room at HSPVA. Later they were joined by Matt's next door neighbors the Lopez brothers (Atticus and Graham). They bonded over their mutal love of Dinsoaur Jr., Built to Spill, Defiance Ohio, Pavement, and The Kinks during their weekly practice sessions, that rarely include lots of practicing and more prolonged jamming. However, this is exactly what they want to capture in their live shows, a certain sense of unpredictability and chaos that is lacking from popular music these days.


Stay Down EP, and a full length LP coming in Spring 2010.

Set List

We normally play a 30 minute set due to time constraints of the venue, but when time allows we can play a 90 minute set. Our songs are Walking, Waiting For You To Call, Tonight, I'll Let You Know, Falling For Elmo, Meet Me Right Here, There's A Reason They Call It Wasted, This World, These Ten Years, Can't Stop, It's Been Some Time, 11:11, and I Knew A Girl. We do not play covers.