The Parachutes

The Parachutes


The Parachutes are all about making music that matters. Drawing from personal experiences, each song contains a new emotion toward life. If Coldplay, Muse and Pedro the Lion got together to have a baby, they would call it The Parachutes.


The Parachutes were formed by former Fire Engine Blue member Paul Genzink after a 6 month draught from writing and performing. The Parachutes draws from influences such as Coldplay, Muse, U2, Lovedrug and Jimmy Eat World. The thing that stands out most about the band is their genuine love for music and ability to create music that is pleasing to the listeners' ear. They write with originality and authenticity about the good, the bad and the in between of life. There is nothing that The Parachutes won't write about because it is all relevant to these guys. With spiritual words, kind manners and stunning features, these guys are bound to impress every listener.


Insomniac - 2006

Set List

Our set consists of 8-10 original songs and the occassional cover if venue permits.

The Parachutes can perform either as a solo act or as a 3 piece band (guitar, bass, drums). The sky is the limit as far as what these guys can do.