The Paradigm Shift 6 Audio/Visual Group

The Paradigm Shift 6 Audio/Visual Group

 New York City, New York, USA

An audio-visual performance group that mixes the live music of some of the world’s greatest jazz musicians with live dance, movement theater, gaming technology, and holographic-like projections that move and react to the live music.


The Paradigm Shift av Sextet makes jazz music that is unlike other groups in the genre which electrifies audiences young and old and the recurring reaction when this group plays is "I never listened to jazz, but now I want to check out more".

People dance at our gigs. Don't believe it? watch this:

The videos tell it all but for those that want a cool story. Keep reading:

Most folks in the jazz world including Wynton(Wes has played with him for over 20 years and Malachi was his personal assistant from '90-92) don't know that Malachi and Wes have been like brothers for over 30 years. They both attended NYC's Jazz mobile together when they were both 14 years old and were both playing in it's offshoot Young Musicians of New York big band.

Both left NYC to pursue their music educations and years later we reunited while Wes was playing In the Wynton Marsalis Septet a defining group of the 90's jazz revival and Malachi "Mike" Basden worked as Wynton's assistant and went on the road with the band.

During those formative years, no matter where they were in the world Mike would get the daily knock on his hotel room door from Wes, "Come on bro, it's time to shed". This became a ritual the two would repeat many times through the years even after Mike left the organization to pursue the reason he began to play jazz in the first place, to meld improvised soulful music with animation and mid-air holo-projection.

After may years with Mike traveling and working abroad he heard through the grape vine that Wes had become extremely ill and contacted him and his wife Desi and flew back to the States from abroad to see his old friend who was recovering in Michigan.

Shortly thereafter Mike's surrogate mother fell ill and passed away. He asked Wes and a number of musicians he was forming his "Audio Visual Jazz Coalition" with to play at her funeral. The result were profound culminating in a New Orleans like march that celebrated the passing of a beautiful and strong woman to the next place. A few days after Wes suggested they form a band. Mike response was "i haven't played jazz in over ten years, I've been playing with DJ's in Europe and doing visuals. You're playing everyday with the best musicians in the world and I might pick the horn every few weeks". Wes' response: "It's time to shed MIke Basden"

With that they worked out a strict practice regiment that they are currently turning into a electronic app to enable improvising musicians to quickly push their playing to extremely proficient levels very quickly. Check the band site in the weeks to come for more on that App.

In putting together what would be an audio-visual jazz group Mike had heard 2 young musicians that had uncanny chemistry together playing at Bill Saxton's Place in Harlem. They were Theo Hill on piano and Andrew Atkinson on drums. Wes had played a jazz cruise where he heard an amazing percussionist named Rolando Moraels-Mathos. When they all got together at bassists Ryan Berg's apartment in NYC, they all knew this would be something different from any other band they had played with.

Their first gig was a quickly put together benefit concert for Japan relief where the basement of a lower East side gallery was transformed into a hip jazz club and the result were profound there as before. Young people who had never heard jazz before participated, cheered, and danced. Many have asked to be put on a mailing list to come to the next event and bring their friends.

The band is currently rehearsing to get on the road and preparing material for 3 separate albums.

They are called the Paradigm Shift 6 because humanity is at present going through a transformation that will change from the individual's interest to that of the collective community. An aspect of the natural way of being that jazz music came into being to promote.