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Fort William, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE

Fort William, Scotland, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Metal Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"rick fulton's review"

THE PARADOX tear a gaping hole in scots music! - DAILY RECORD

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we are loving THE PARADOX - BBC radio1

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if you love RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE youll love this! - IS THIS MUSIC?

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you have to see THE PARADOX live! - OBAN TIMES

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hip hop and metal!,an unlikely match made in heaven! - LOCHABER NEWS

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sounds mental!,in a good way! - XFM


Very moshable! - EVENING TIMES

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THE POET VERSUS THE TOWN CRIER EP 2007(available on itunes)

(available on itunes)

(coming soon)



THE PARADOX formed in 2007 in fort william out of a love and respect of authentic heavy metal and hip hop,lead vocalist Brian jamieson was already the most successful hip hop artist in scotland's history with a slew of critically acclaimed releases under his belt and an amazing live pedigree which saw him open for such acts as XZIBIT 2x nights/SUGARHILL GANG/BLACK EYED PEAS/THE GAME/BUSTA RYHMES/THE STREETS tour!/GRANDMASTER FLASH/LLOYD BANKS 2x nights/50CENT&G-UNIT 2x nights.Jim opened for BIFFY CLYRO under another guise in home town fort william!.THE PARADOX formed after an improptu jam session where the boys chemistry immediately clicked!.THE PARADOX released thier debut EP "the poet versus the town crier" to great critical acclaim and radio play in scotland and since then have played live on BBC radio1,opened for SYSTEM OF A DOWN's new band SCARS ON BROADWAY and are regulars in glasgow's legendary king tuts wah wah hut!.THE PARADOX have achieved a lot in thier 1st year!.

guitarist jim is banned from every bar in hometown fort william in a scheme called "pubwatch" for his lary behaviour including whipping his trousers down while playing NIRVANA'S "numb" in a social club!
vocalist brian's claim to fame is when he went to see the FUGEES at glasgow's barrowlands and threw a demo onstage to which wyclef said "we dont need no assholes throwing demos onstage"!,but lauren hill winked at him!

THE MAKING OF OUR debut LP "bleeding by example".Our LP was recorded over a 3 month period with just over 9 days in the studio,we recorded the LP in everyway imaginable(live,layered,improv,through the desk,through the amps) to give it a feeling of "anything goes".The LP's sound switched from thrash to punk to metal to grime to hip hop to funk without trying!,it kept the engineer on his toes big style!.

We record our material in the amazing watercolour music studios in ardgour near fort william and have a great relationship with owner and engineer nick turner who has a massive pet alsation that will sniff your nuts at random!(particulary helpful during guitar solos!).

While opening for SCARS ON BROADWAY vocalist brian was backstage with his little brother in law liam and both bumped into SYSTEM OF A DOWN/SCARS drummer john dolmayan and asked him if he wants to get a couple of drinks with us!,he replied "we are lookin for a quiet bar,can you recommend any?" liam who is a massive 14 year old SYSTEM OF A DOWN fan said "why dont you just come back to our house?,theres blenty of beers in the fridge!".John looked at him slightly weird!.It was funny!

THE PARADOX are just about to release their next EP "fuck your comfort zone" in october 2010.The EP has moved into a more hardcore punk metal direction and is relentless from start to finish!