The Pass

The Pass

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Foggy dance floor psychedelia, analog things, spontaneity, dance parties where everyone makes out, your new anthem…


The Pass are an electro pop band based in Louisville, Kentucky. After recording their first EP, Colors, in a bedroom studio The Pass joined Sonablast! Records and released their debut album BURST. They’ve been revered by music blogs across the world with over 100K downloads in 2010 and have landed slots with national touring acts, national drawing festivals, and have been heard on on a number of television shows: MTV (16 and Pregnant, Teen Mom2, My Super Psycho Sweet 16), MTV2 (Shreducation), CW (Vampire Diaries), Fuel TV (Vans Triple Crown Surfing) and Fox (Raising Hope).

"If we could go back and re-do it, we would have listed The Pass among the 50 break-through bands of 2010. The Louisville, Kentucky indie rock band have been stirring things up, by their packed live shows, blogger love and a growing fan base." - Indie Rock Cafe

"Burst is one of those records that never stops grooving, completely dedicated to riveting bass-lines and synth heavy arrangements. At first listen, The Pass sound like Phoenix meets Passion Pit if they were both messed up on acid: a louder, messier rock band whose infrastructure depends on electro pop. The more you listen though, the more apparent it became that The Pass are spectacularly unique." - Pretty Much Amazing

"So………… How is the album? I’ve got three words for you: Eff You In!" - TSURURADIO

In 2010 and 2011 The Pass played with:

Cage the Elephant
Chiddy Bang
Free Energy
Electric Six
VHS or Beta DJs
!!! (chk chk chk)
Holiday Shores
Seedy Seeds
Fol Chen


Colors EP

Set List

10 to 12 songs depending on the show. All hits. Usual set time around 50 minutes.