The Passive Aggressives

The Passive Aggressives


Sweet-sounding melodies draw the listener in, a dove coos and then the hammer comes down. A catchy 4 piece Progressive Pop / Alternative Metal a la Primus and Veruca Salt. This group brings a unique flavor to the hard-rock experience without conforming to any single genre.


"Those who feel there aren't enough women in rock who actually rock will want to take note of the Passive Aggressives. [I]t's hard to think of anyone on the modern music scene who compares with the Passive Aggressives."
-- Greg Schwartz (Bullzeye Magazine)

Few bands are more aptly named than The Passive Aggressives, striking at the unresolved conflict inspiring their sound, mixing aspects of Progressive Pop and Alternative Metal. Sweet-sounding melodies draw the listener in, a soft voice coos and then the hammer comes down delivering dynamics at their extreme. The Bay Area based quartet's full-length album, "Conflict Resolution" is like nothing currently out there -- and they want you to know it.

Consisting of Keren Gaiser (vocals), Jose Santiago (guitar), Damian Lynch (bass) and Tim Dayner (drums), the Passive Aggressives may be split between styles past (Veruca Salt/Primus) and present (Mars Volta/Audioslave), but their story is pure internet-era -- meeting through ads on Craigslist. Keren came to San Francisco after Israeli military service and a solo pop career which included multiple CDs and shows in the US, Europe and the Middle East. Keren searched initially for a backup band, but instead found Jose, Damian and Tim from the Alt-Metal band Feral Moan. Although vastly different in musical backgrounds, the alignment merged unique pieces to create an original sound.

While the backbone of The Passive Aggressives’ may be sugar-coated jabs at government, religion and media, "Conflict Resolution’s" song writing ventures further to more personal battles like guilt, isolation, and suicide. The album begins with an anti-love song, “All We’ve Got Is Now,” showing woman’s strenth in the face of a breakup, followed by a punk rock anthem stab at mainstream media in "Soundtrack To The Voices In My Head.” “Violeta,” delivers an anti-war ballad attacking the fuel behind it. The lyrics are designed to exist on more than one level where meanings shift with subsequent listens. The title track, “Conflict Resolution” could be the story of the band itself or of a passionate love affair, and "One More Look" is either a love song or a statement bombasting racism. The group is not happy making messages clear cut, even the passion charged cover of The Turtle’s “Happy Together” has lyrical variation that shifts the meaning away from the straight forward love song. “Slice It Away,” tells the story of failed suicide attempts and the downward spiral of self-destruction. "Don't Want To Be You," compares the loneliness caused by an absent father against the personal guilt of abandoning one's own family. Says Keren, "its about me being grumpy at my old man." The extreme dynamics are still there as "World of Compromise" builds from an acoustic guitar folk riff to a climax of full metal angst detailing, as Damian says, "an Ode to Bill Gates and the dog eat dog corporate culture."

While the lyrics may never be pinned down, it is the Passive Aggressives' virtuosic playing that announces itself immediately to each listener. The rhythm section of Damian and Tim simultaneously steadies and fuels the band, so that Jose can mix severely melodic explosive playing, and that Keren has a foundation to "Tear the roof off of the building."

Their debut EP is still getting airplay on college stations across the US and Canada, The Passive Aggressives are ready to gain an audience the old-fashioned way; face to face and show by show, overwhelming audiences with their fun, adrenaline fueled live show. "Conflict Resolution" currently climbs the college charts, and their videos have hundreds of thousands of YouTube views. They have been as far east as Austin to rock out for South by South West and are booking on tour dates to support "Conflict Resolution."


Evil Clown Song

Written By: The Passive Aggressives

I can be there in your time of need
Like a poison the walls that you keep
I can touch you; put your head down to sleep
And I can taste you, every time that you bleed

He’s your bad dream, the carnival is in town
To charge your nightmares, keep that frown upside down
Paint and mirrors, the carousel goes round and round
House of horrors, which one of you’s the evil clown?

Cotton candy in a big top of mystery
Never smiling, hiding all those teeth
There was no tapping on your shoulders
Look around you, the magic was never there

Have a balloon; it’s a treat from me to you
A stuffed animal, the gifts will bring me home
Terror-go-round, horses go up and down
It’s never ending; the circus goes home with you!

Todo Mal

Written By: The Passive Aggressives

Todo Mal

White picket fence and an old oak tree with a tire for swinging
Plenty of yard, deluxe swimming pool
Gotta stay cool in the summer sunshine

How do you know joy when you don’t know pain?
They walk hand in hand, always tearing at the seams
Everything’s cool, everything’s going fine, its all normal

Pair of Benz, two decks and a satellite TV
Marble and rugs, custom framed art –
It's all part of being happy, being truly happy

Top of the stairs there you stand with a grin so wily
Deliver the pain to gain control
The pain is medicating

your soul, Making you feel, something so alive
Knowing you can feel the adrenaline running through my veins

Todo mal…

Slice It Away

Written By: The Passive Aggressives

Slice It Away


I open my eyes to find pills at my fingertips…
And thankfully…. I didn’t take them all…
This present situation is mostly self inflicted…
Yet I can’t stop my fall…

The head that’s been aching for days…
so much that I can’t see straight…


The melting ice of the scotch on the rocks…
Gives me rise for another shot…
Judging by the way that those headlights are flashing…
I must have nodded off…
Time just keeps wasting away…
The hero inside me.. must have escaped…

A thundercloud … hanging over me…
The traffic copters circling… all wanting a piece…
So slice… slice it away… (x2)
I'll wake up… maybe someday….


Floating through spiderweb of shattering glass…
… I’m hoping the end is near..
I’m caught in an eddy of my disillusionment…
…. Yet the hope won’t rise my fear…

My dreams are all cloudy at best…
The blood in my eyes puts them to the test…

Repeat Chorus

All We've Got Is Now

Written By: The Passive Aggressives

All We've Got Is Now
Bound by time...
the same old crimes...
just a glimpse of all that could be...
just a taste is all that you'll see...

You touch my hand ...
it's warm for now...
don't bother chasing after me...
only broken hearts and broken dreams...

I don't believe in forever
time just wont allow
I can't promise that,
and I never will,
'cause all we've got is, now!

Control your fears...
the end is near...
let go my hand I'm going away...
I never promised that I would stay...

So capture this moment
It'll only come back in your dreams
hang on to each last breath,
'cause tomorrow's a day that we'll never meet

Hide those tears...
the curtain is here...
You knew it was going to end someday...
Don't act surprised that it came this way!

I don't believe in forever..

One More Look

Written By: The Passive Aggressives

One More Look

V1 -- After a bad day full of nonsense, I just long to see them
No words needed no defenses, they’re just like old friends
Without a sound my heart hears them, and I fly high
All that I am looks better through these eyes

Let me look again, feel that way again
One more look will fade my pain away
All I can wish is that they'll stay
‘Cause tomorrow, I want to look again
Let me look again, I want to look again

V2 -- After a good day when they happen, I might take them for granted
My delusions and my vices they don’t matter when I find them
I can feel their touch and in them I drown
One more look into that soul will it save my own

Repeat Chorus

Bridge -- If I could see myself like they do
I’ll have no more doubt in me can let it go
If I could see what they can see
I know that all I needed to be
Was me

Repeat Chorus

Soundtrack to The Voices in my head

Written By: The Passive Aggressives

Soundtrack To The Voices In My Head..

V1. There was a car crash…
(I) saw it on the news…
(I) thought it was nothing…
(The) voices had other views….

Running Running Always behind me
Preaching Teaching, Never be free
Hanging on these wires…
I can feel them…

Echoing the clones, echoing them instead
Just like the clowns, I hear them all the time.
This is the sound track to my life…

V2. I saw a plane crash…
(We) were so confused…
(they) told us to listen…
(They) told us what to do…

Running Running Always behind me
Preaching Teaching, Never be free
Hanging on these wires…
I can feel them…


BRIDGE: Can You Hear The Voices In My Head…
Can You Hear The Voices In My Head… (x6)

V3. Lost in the sand storm…
Many had other views…
nobody listened…
They told us just what to do…

Running Running Always behind me
Preaching Teaching Never be free
Hanging on these wires…
I can feel them…

Repeat Chorus:


Written By: The Passive Aggressives


V1 .. Violets… and roses… stretch out on that ugly road…
Standing… in fields so… beautiful they glow…
Linger in seasons… sharing every moment pure…
Laying… and dying.. they don’t need a cure…


As I look into this mirror … can't see it any clearer
All I see is gasoline baby…
All I've got is this adrenaline baby…running through me…


Wash it all … wash it all in purple.
Break it all… you've got to
You're on your own
Blame it all… on the bottle

Verse two

Violence and torture… tell me how much can you stand
Looking through shadows… searching for a holy land…
Soldiers and legions… destroying all that’s pure…
Lately … their dying… they don’t need a cure…

Repeat Chorus

Bridge ..
As I lay on this long lonesome highway....
praying... praying...
ambulances passing by me...
praying... praying...

Repeat Chorus

Conflict Resolution

Written By: The Passive Aggressives

Conflict Resolution

V1. It’s the way that you smile, the way that you laugh
The way you stand there oh so proud
It’s the way skins glows, the way your eyes shine
The way you make my heart stop in time

It’s the best of times, our hearts are full of fun
Fills with the warmth of walking on the sun
It’s the spirit in the fields, the spinning all around
This time I can’t believe exactly what I’ve found

All the little things you do that make my world so incredible
All the little things you say that make each and everyday wonderful

V2. It’s the way that you talk you never seem to stop,
Somehow I Always end up blowing my top
It’s the times we stayed up just to yell and fight
Verbs pinching nerves in the middle of the night

It’s the way we argue with desire and passion
The intensity of walking on the sun
Plan to attack when there’s nothing left to say
All I wanna do is get the hell away ... from you.

Repeat Chorus:

You’re pushing me way…

V3 It’s the way that you scream, you’re making psyches drop
I’d give my ears if I could make it stop
It’s the wall that you put me through when you’re coming unglued
You make my nightmares material truths
It’s all your abuse, you spin until I'm spun
I’m on fire from walking on the sun
It's the constant pain, I want to escape
Jump the tracks from this runaway train..

Repeat Chorus
Outro: Same as bridge

Don't Want To Be You

Written By: The Passive Aggressives

Don't Want To Be You

V1. I have waited such a long time
Hoping things will finally change
I have wasted energy, felt like I reached the bottom
But you didn't feel my pain

All those days I sat there waiting for you
To come home and spend some time with me
I don't know if I want to find the strength right now
To face you again


It's our family whose core has been torn apart
By the lies, the secrets of your heart
It's you thinking always only of yourself
When you had the three of us to think about
I'm so angry now, I know that I’m through
I don't want to be you

V2. I've been locking my emotions
I smiled each time I was sad
You kept covering the guilt of not being home
By throwing empty promises in the air

All I remember after all of those years that went by
Is that a huge part of my childhood is gone
I know you didn’t mean to hurt me so bad
I'm trying so hard to move on


CHORUS: It's our family whose core has been torn apart
By the lies, the secrets of your heart
It's you thinking always only of yourself
When you had the three of us to think about
I know I will keep going on without a hand from you
I don't want to be you

BRIDGE: I don’t want to continue looking over my shoulders
I just want to be free from you at last

CHORUS: It's our family whose core you tore apart
With the lies of your heart
It's you thinking always of yourself
Leaving three broken souls behind
I'm stronger today, no thanks to you
And I'll never be you
never be you
I don't want to be you.


15 Song Album "Conflict Resolution" releases July 2008.
1 Song Single "Lulla-Bye" released February 14th. 2008.
5 Song EP is RELOADED -- loaded on 187 colleges stations and streaming on multiple internet station.

Set List

Original set one or two 45 minute sets. We can expand on that to play up to three sets if we include cover songs.

Original Song List includes the new 15 song Album "Conflict Resolution": Conflict Resolution, Soundtrack To The Voices In My Head, Evil Clowd Song, Inc., All We've Got Is Now, Slice it away, One More Look, I Don't Want To Be You, Perfect, Not Perfect, Lulla-Bye, Happy Together, Rain, Violetta, and Believe.

5 songs from the First EP "Reloaded: Sweet Lisa, Tool Shed, Casion, Todo Mal and Evil Clown Song.

Additional unreleased songs: Singular, Stigma, Vices, Try, Adjustment, She Said, Let me go.

2-3 additional songs are works in progress.

A variety of covers including: Immigrant Song, Just a Girl, Happy Together, The Mountain Song, White Rabbit and more.