The Past in Color

The Past in Color

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

We are all about energy. Believing in controlled chaos and technical proficiency puts us comfortably alongside bands like The Fall of Troy. This allows us to make complicated music for the informed listener but harness still harness the energy of punk. We are guaranteed to make the crowd move.


Our influences are:
The Fall of Troy
Horse, the Band

We stand out as a band that wants to make the crowd experience our music the same way that we feel it. We all grew up together and learned our instruments by jamming with each other at a very young age. This allows us to focus on the music experience more than just playing the songs. Our time spent playing with each other is why no two "The Past in Color" shows will be the same. You can always expect something new and interesting each time you see us.


All our music is online on our Myspace page. We are a new band and are building our following and do not currently have radio airplay.

Here is the website: