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The Patchwork Quilt Fallacy

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"The Great Escape EP by The Patchwork Quilt Fallacy"

Putting on "The Great Escape," the new EP from northeastern Pennsylvania’s The Patchwork Quilt Fallacy, is like slipping through a portal back into the alt-rock days of the ?90s, but with less flannel and far less whining.

And that’s a good thing, really.

The group, transplants from California, have distilled all that was good in that oft-maligned era and have trimmed the fat, creating a five-track disc that’s at once moody, atmospheric and, yet, euphoric.

Guitarist/backing vocalist Karl Strauss’ multi-faceted axe inhabits the music like Cerberus: jangly and sweet; thick with distortion; loud and staccato like an aural machine gun assault. Scott John Miller’s bass flows and dips like heavy water. Ricky Ahner, hammering the skins on the album, gives the whole deal a rhythm as distinctive as a heartbeat, favoring heavily staccato and syncopated beats. And vocalist/pianist Shelah Kelso tickles the ivories, lending the whole mix some added depth and a nice counterpoint to Strauss’ muscular guitar. Imagine the big wall of sound a la Smashing Pumpkins, but without Billy Corgan’s self absorption and big shiny head.

But as fantastic as the music is, I’m just going to say it: The album balances on Kelso’s finely nuanced voice. The gal’s got an ear for harmony, layering vocal tracks and playing oh, so nice with Strauss’ backing vocals. Kelso lists ?90s It-Girl and Lilith Fair headmistress Sarah McLachlan as an inspiration, and you can hear the similarities — they both have throaty, smoky voices. Kelso, though, is her own woman with her own protean voice: temptress; gamine; broken hearted.

Never is that — and the band’s full spectrum — on better display than on featured track, "Live Until My Life Runs Out," a paean to hard-won fortitude. The group starts out tentatively, all guitar and piano arpeggio, until they burst out of the gate swinging, guitars and drums a-blazing. Hell, Strauss even whips out a surprisingly wicked solo.

-Domenick Moore - Shinbone Magazine


"(R) evolution" (2009) Full length album. "Live Until My Life Runs Out" was featured on the popular MTV show "True Life". "13 Cities in 13 Days" was featured on MTV's "Teen Mom". "Mirror Mirror" and "The First of November" have been played on various East Coast radio stations including Pennsylvania's East Stroudsburg University's 90.3. Tracks from "(R) evolution" can be heard on Radio.

"The Great Escape EP" (2008) - Song "Live Until My Life Runs Out" has received airplay on 3 separate radio stations on the east coast.



The Patchwork Quilt Fallacy's music has been featured on popular television shows such as MTV's "True Life" and "Teen Mom". The band is preparing to release their new album, "L'adonne" EP in summer 2010. PQF's first full-length album, "(R) evolution", available on iTunes, Amazon, and other on-line music retailers has received an exceptional response composed of rising download sales and heartfelt fan comments and feedback.

For Karl Strauss and Shelah Kelso, the journey toward The Patchwork Quilt Fallacy—and each other—has been lifelong. Through several iterations, band members, and time zones of the United States, Karl’s passion for music with depth has held the core of the Fallacy together.

Upon a single listen it is immediately apparent that this band has something to say, far beyond the usual angst-ridden mewling of maladjusted, dissatisfied post-teens in today’s tumultuous atmosphere. And what the Patchwork Quilt Fallacy has to say cannot fail to move you—as in, it will punch you in the face and then nurse you back to health. And you’ll beg for more beatings. They sing of love, loss, growth, and always hope. [Kara Kumpel of Anime Insider]

Defining their line-up-- which currently includes vocalist/pianist Shelah Kelso, guitarist Karl Strauss, bassist Hanna Kondo and drummer Christopher Schnack, this enthusiastic and hard-working group continues to keep moving their career forward by playing shows and gaining exposure to reach their goal of touring the US and overseas.