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"It's Best to Have "Patience""

The Patience EP offers strong group of songs

Rating: 8 / 10

When one first encounters The Patience, the all-female rock trio from DeKalb, there could be some low expectations. The three have rambunctious, sugar-high kind of personalities that, by all logic, should produce music of the same caliber.

Yet, on their demo last year, they showed a surprising amount of craftsmanship and maturity in their minimal rock arrangements. Now, The Patience have released a three-song EP tentatively titled “Dans Nads,” via their MySpace page.

“We’re still thinking of an official name,” said singer Angel Pfrommer.

According to Pfrommer, the sessions are the product of a single 14-hour session at Uptown Recording in Chicago.

Kicking things off with their live-favorite, “Shadow,” which nicely showcases the vocal chemistry between guitarist Taylor Ochoa and singer Pfrommer. While it was hard to tell who was singing what on their debut last year, Ochoa’s sultry alto now harmonizes almost perfectly with Pfrommer’s, for lack of a better words, sassy falsetto.

Following that song is “T,” which departs from the groups usual guitar-and-drums arrangements. Over a poppy organ and guitar lick, Pfrommer chides a friend’s bad choices with the group’s cleverest lyrics yet
“You used to be too cute for coke / but your friends don’t get the joke / and what your mother doesn’t know / I bet would break her heart,” sings Pfrommer with a confident, rock ‘n’ roll swagger.
Closing the EP is “Too Old for the Cold,” a more experimental sounding song with drummer Logan Ochoa (Taylor’s younger sister) keeping time by hitting the rims of her drums before launching into an instrumental coda that sounds like a completely different song tacked on for no reason at all.

Though it’s still a strong group of songs, there are a few wrinkles the band has yet to iron out. Their infectious energy helps keep things fun, making the tacked-on final chorus of “Shadow” enjoyable, even if a bit unnecessary. It’s as if they were having too much fun to simply do a three-minute pop song.

Still, for a free download on MySpace, there is much to be impressed with on “Dans Nads.” The trio is not even old enough to drink, and the drummer is still in high school, but one hopes that they break out of DeKalb and at least become a band that could headline venues here at home. - The Northern Star


The Patience EP- Summer 07
Dan's Nads EP- Spring 08



For the past year, The Patience have been kicking ass, without taking names. Names don't really make a difference. Two sisters and a best friend started making music in mid '07. Since then, this supergroup has gone on to open for bands such as Chairlift, DIOS, Baby Teeth, Page France, Evangelicals, and Headlights.