The Patience

The Patience


This tremendous trio brings you sounds you aint never heard before. check it out. you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll fall in love. suckas.


For the past year, The Patience have been kicking ass, without taking names. Names don't really make a difference. Two sisters and a best friend started making music in mid '07. Since then, this supergroup has gone on to open for bands such as Chairlift, DIOS, Baby Teeth, Page France, Evangelicals, and Headlights.


The Patience EP- Summer 07
Dan's Nads EP- Spring 08

Set List

Our sets usually contain 8-10 songs. We usually play for a set-time of 30-45 minutes. Since we're constantly writing new songs we are not able to give a specific set list. Most of our shows consist of an opening of slow instrumentals, straight into fast paced, catchy songs. We most likey throw a slow pretty song or two in the middle and always end on a heavy, full sounding, song.