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"The Patio Set @ Nambucca, London, May 2 2008"

Hailing from the Medway towns, the two Cowland brothers, Sean on bass and Michael on guitar, along with drummer James Grant and vocalist Gareth John, packed an entertaining and beguiling mix of danceable punk/rock into their 6 number set at north London’s Nambucca venue. Kicking off with Do That, with its guitar driven punchy riffs, that despite a shaky sound level still set the pace for the night. Working their way into The Bachelor – surely their debut single – which with its ‘I get so lonely/lonely/stay…’ chorus line that sticks in your head, brought a raw of approval from those in the audience already familiar with the song from the band’s MySpace site. Total Body Modification, Lady Sonia and a new provisionally titled Dry Bars – all co-written by John and Sean Cowland – point to the fact that the energetic, fast-paced rhythms of this outfit are crying out for the bigger stages. Here is a sound geared for larger venues if ever there was.

A band with a way to go, and if there’s any justice, will. This was only the sixth gig with a new drummer, but there’s an air of assurance about The Patio Set that belies their actual limited gigging experience. Their biggest plus has to be eminently watchable frontman John. Diving off stage during songs to pound the guitar at a frenetic pace, whilst delivering raw, edgy vocals, he gives one the feeling that you are looking at a future big league star in the embryonic stages. Ably backed by the two guitarists and drummer, it is John, however, whose stage presence gels the band together and commands attention.

Already lauded by 6 Music’s Queens of Noize as ‘ones to watch in 2008’, The Patio Set send a tingle down the spine with the exciting promise they potentially offer for the future.
- National Gig Guide

"The Unhappy Birthday Club 19 December 2008"

The Patio Set finish up with an uncompromising set of hardcore tunes. The band are dedicated to unpredictability; one minute parading pretty guitar lines and the next drilling deep into the venue floor with tough, remorseless riffs.

Songs such as 'Highgate Owl Nightmare' pull off the trick of inviting you in, only to stomp on your brains with heaviness. It may be tough love, but once you accept that you'll probably have tinnitus for the rest of your life, the hyperactivity is truly addictive. - Artrocker

"Highgate Owl Nightmare review 06/01/09"

It's early in the year to be considering tracks of the year but when you hear something that grabs you by the unmentionables and demands you succumb to its uncompromising unpredictability. The Patio Set's 'Highgate Owl Nightmare' crams in an album's worth of ideas into nearly four minutes of wild and wonderful alt-rock. When you're reminded of Echo & The Bunnymen, Fugazi, The Young Knives and The Cure in a track lasting less than four minutes you know you're in the presence of something special.

The other two demo tracks on the band's myspace site 'Burn Slower' and 'Then I Vegas' may not hit the giddy heights of 'Highgate Owl Nightmare' but they are unorthodox enough to excite the nonconformist music lover with a yen for the unconventional. - The Devil has the Best Tuna

"Highgate Owl Nightmare review 21/03/09"


The unsigned UK quartet named The Patio Set is next up in out ROCK MATH! series.

The Equation:

(Shellac Of North America * tempo) / (Television * guitar tone) = The Patio Set

Translation: The Patio Set is chock full of postpunk goodness. Dig it.

Disclaimer: Remember ROCK MATH! is not about things being derivative, it’s about finding commonalities that are awesome.

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"Artrocker feature"

Artrocker asked us to write a feature about a band that influenced us. Find it here:


No releases to date. Total Body Modification and Little Ease have been played on Earwax radio and Best of Myspace respectively. Smalltown America recently featured Highgate Owl Nightmare here:



The Patio Set are four young men from Medway who make loud music with funny rhythms and some loud music with normal rhythms and some quiet music that gets loud and then quiet again. Since March 2008 they have been putting together songs in ways they hope will surprise and delight themselves and anyone else who cares to listen. They have been described as "a head-on collision between The Cure and Fugazi". They like to play with noise, repetitive patterns, reverb and delay pedals. None of their songs has a sung chorus.

A recent Artrocker review declared that they are "dedicated to unpredictability". That's a bit strong but not wholly inaccurate. Meanwhile influential new-music blog The Devil has the Best Tuna praised their song Highgate Owl Nightmare for "cramming an album's worth of ideas into nearly four minutes of wild and wonderful alt-rock" which has saved a lot of work on their album. You can learn more about The Patio Set at and on their blog at