The Patterns

The Patterns


the patterns are primarily an r&b jam band with mixes of psychedelic rock, folk & country music, experimental work, hip hop and a variety of other genres. our sound has changed in many different ways throughout the years, but we have always strived for strong songwriting and originality.


the band was formed by kyle greenham & leonard menon, in the autumn of 2009 when we were 16. we recorded over 50 acoustic tracks on home cassettes our first year together, but we switched to an electric sound when we decided to start playing local shows. we got our first drummer connor stewart shortly after our first two shows. connor left the group in late 2011, and joel bruneau replaced him on percussion. in the summer of 2012, connor rejoined the group on bass guitar. shortly after, we travelled to vancouver, british columbia to record a 7" ep with an independent label called napkin records, which should be released sometime in late march.


the best of the songs we recorded on cassette in our early days exists on an unreleased album called "let it be: the lost tapes".

in october of 2010, we recorded an album called "jungle beat", which we began selling at shows in early 2011, but at the moment no more copies exist of this album.

we also recorded 4 tracks in 2012, produced by our friend arthur bennell, and we gave out several copies on a trip to austin, texas, but no one in edmonton has heard it.

our debut 7" will be released in late march of 2013.