The Paul Paoli Band

The Paul Paoli Band


One of the freshest and original new bands on the contemporary Christian music scene today featuring all original music: Rock, Folk, Blues, Country, Blue Grass, Jazz. This is the band to watch, as everywhere they play, people are moved to tears, cheers, dancing and always clamoring for more.


Having never picked up an instrument until the age of 18, Paul Paoli was so determined to master the electric fiddle that he began by practicing 4 hours a day; within 2 years he was playing professionally.

Meeting Charlie Daniels in Nashville some years later Paul asked if the renowned artist would autograph his fiddle, Charlie replied "I don't sign just anyones fiddle. If you want it autographed you're going to have to show me you can play it first." Well after one quick song Charlie replied, "Son, I'd be HAPPY to sign that fiddle." The rest is history.

After years touring as an opening act for the Gregg Allman Band, Dickey Betts & Great Southern, The Marshall Tucker Band, the Oak Ridge Boys and other Southern Rock headliners and Country Music artists Paul turned his attention to the guitar as he desired to be a song writer.

Today, Paul is an accomplished Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and Fiddler, who leaves audiences and admirers amazed and blessed by his gifts.

This new effort (The Paul Paoli Band) was formed in 2005 when Paul decided to assemble musicians to help him perform some new music he wrote. Originally conceived as a "one night only show" has evolved into a music ministry that continues to grow and reach out to people of all ages.

This unique and extremely talented band of brothers, who love the Lord Jesus, have collaborated to produce over a dozen original songs and are still writing as the Lord pours forth His annointing spirit.

"AMAZING!"..."FANTASTIC..."SUCH A BLESSING!!!"..."COME BACK SOON!!!" are just a few of the accolades from audiences and hosts.


Lay Down Your Life

Written By: Paul Paoli

It was just another day down by the sea shore.
They were casting out their nets like so many days before.
Who would have thought He would come along that day.
He said, “Come follow me” and led them on their way.

But they had to lay down their lives, take up their cross.
Die to themselves and forget about the loss.
And they surrendered it all to answer God’s call.

I’ve been living for myself too much these days
The life I left behind keeps calling out my name.
To die to myself, seems so hard to do.
I’ve got to turn around and fix my eyes on you.

But I’ve got to lay down my life and take up my cross.
Die to myself and forget about the loss.
And I’ll surrender it all to answer Your call.

I don’t know where you’re at but I know that it’s true.
He’s got a plan for your life and He’s calling to you.

You’ve got to lay down your life and take up your cross.
Die to yourself and forget about the loss.
And then surrender it all to answer God’s call.

Son of Man

Written By: Paul Paoli

So many people wonder who He was and why He came.
Was he a prophet, a healer or just a preacher seeking fame?
So many say He was just a good man,
I can’t help but wonder why they don’t understand, that

He came to save us.
Washed in the blood of the Lamb.
He died and forgave us.
Those who trust in the Son of Man.

Now He’s calling to your heart, will you turn to Him?
You know that your life is filled with emptiness and sin.
But do you know that He died just for you?
Will you believe that His promise is true?


I know you think that you can make it on your own.
But God says there is just one way unto His throne.
It’s through the One who is the way, the truth, the life.
His name is Jesus, He’s the Lord He is the Christ.

He came to save us.
Washed in the blood of the lamb.
He died and forgave us.
So put your trust in the Son of Man.
He’s calling to you.

©2006 PSP Music

Set List

"Casting Stones"
"Day of the Lord"
"God's Only Son"
"I'll Be There"
"Job's Song"
"Journey to the Promised Land"
"Lay Down Your Life"
"Lost Sheep"
"New Home in Glory"
"Satisy My Soul"
"Season of Discouragement"
"Son of Man"
"Temptation in the Wilderness"
"Too Busy!"
"Traditions of Men"
"Trophy of Grace"
"What About Love?"
"You Alone"