The Pawns

The Pawns


Elliott Smith, Ben Folds, Jeff Buckley, and Stevie Wonder trying to fuse Steely Dan and The Smashing Pumpkins


The Pawns were formed by songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Andrea Amos and Mike Przygoda in 2007 after they had both released solo albums. Soon joined by singer and keyboardist Nick Gutierrez and bassist Renee Serritella, the band has gained quite a following in the Chicago music scene. In addition to the plethora of original music they have, the band is also known for the wide variety of covers they play from The Beatles to Outkast to Stevie Wonder to Beyonce to The Talking Heads to Rachmaninov. With such a wide variety of material and instrumentation, the band continues to put on convincing live shows that suppliment their studio releases.


First Line Of Defense

Set List

45 min - 3 hours

Eclectic set that contains everything from originals to classic rock, jazz, hip hop, grunge, and even classical.