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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Show Review-Big Daddy's 2/13/2005"

I'd like to write a long extensive review that you'd find in a magazine or something, but I am pressed for time, so sadly, this will be brief.

Besides being a band that is honest, not pretentious, and just plain talented, The Pax Romana manage to craft songs that are comparable to stripped down straight ahead classic rock bands such as T-Rex and the MC5, while still adding a fresh spin to things.

As far as their live set goes, expect a swirl of frenetic energy from all four of the exceptionally talented bandmates. Lead vocalist Mike Roffman and guitarist Jay Ziegler bounce off of each other like a demented pinball machine, going as far as crashing into drummer Bill Hanson's set during their insane final offering, "Make A Scene" (which by the way, was segued into seamlessly from a great cover of The Who's "Baba O'Reilly") The crowd will cringe at the financial risks of damaging the equipment, but will leave satisfied and energized nonetheless.

Unfortunately, there are some rough spots in some of the songs at the expense of the energy, particularly during their last show's rendition of The Doors' "Break on Through." Don't get me wrong. It was still a pumped up, faithful cover, but Ziegler's riffs were a bit off balance with ivory man Matt Sexton's chugging keyboards.

Aside from the few moments that could be tightened just a bit, The Pax Romana (or is it City Heights?) are your safest bet for an energized, astoundingly well-crafted rock show in Tallahassee. Forget the faux gloom delivered from the local onslaught of nu-metal acts and watered down emo groups. The Pax Romana are here to rock and they definitely deliver the goods. If there's any justice in the world of rock, these guys will explode soon enough on the local scene. SPURT!
- Dan

"Things about to get a little Muzzy"

In time to fight the inevitable lull of the Tallahassee summer comes a festival made to encourage the growth of the healthy local music scene. MuzzyFest II, the follow-up to a spring festival held at Lake Ella, is an event created by a local band for local bands.

"The idea of MuzzyFest is to promote local potential for a cheap price, at an easy location, with a no-hassle approach," organizer Mike Roffman said. "Each band will have close to an hour of stage time versus a half hour or so at (local) venues."

The motivation for the festival came from an attempt to share music outside of the standard local venues, but over time the idea has evolved and expanded to include other aspects of entertainment and issues in general. Different organizations have become involved this time around, including D.E.M.P. (Diamond Entertainment), Album Hut (a CD manufacturing company), and an alcohol awareness group called Karma. Even speakers on behalf of human rights and injustice will present at MuzzyFest II.

"It's more than just bands despite that being the central appeal. We asked artists, comedians, political speakers, readers, and any local talent that wanted to shine (to participate)," Roffman said. "MuzzyFest strives to bring everything and anything in the community together. In the future we would love to make this an all-day event at Lake Ella, using the entire property and have a sort of Taste of Chicago meets music and art festival, but in Tallahassee style."

This summer's incarnation of the festival will include local bands Ego Tree, The Vinyl, and The Pax Romana. A band from Iowa called The Western Front will also perform, and in between sets, Johnny Fire (the host of the event), will perform with his band to close the gaps in music and offer a steady stream of entertainment.

"The goal (of MuzzyFest) is equality," Roffman said. "Each band has the same time frame and no band is better than the next. We try to cater to each and every band instead of turning our backs on them. We also use MuzzyFest to promote a show that would normally go unnoticed in the usual local scene."

The event is open to all ages, although the American Legion Hall will have a full liquor bar, and the event will run through much of the night, from 8:30 p.m. all the way until 2 a.m. So pitch in for the effort to give many in the local scene an equal chance in the spotlight, and enjoy more than five hours of entertainment for just five dollars. Try finding that deal anywhere else.

By Justin de la Cruz
- FSView


Garage Demos EP - 2004
Generatorchildren EP - 2005
Force Majeure - 2006

"Kids Without Cable"-2005- featured on x101.5
"Man on a Mission"-2005-featured on x101.5
"Win Some, Lose Some"-2006-featured on x101.5, Panama City and Binghamton, NY radio.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Pax Romana is from all parts of the East Coast of the United States of America. They just ended up in a small town in the armpit of said country. William Hanson is from Old Orchard Beach, Maine and somehow hitch hiked his way south, probably through the H-train. Jay hails from a small town called Deltona that everyone passes by hungover on their way out of Daytona Beach. Mike used to live with retired New Yorkers in Ft. Lauderdale that whine and complain. Muzzy turned down the NHL and left Kissimmee, FL. And Matt lives here.

One hundred percent of The Pax Romana contribute to the work force.

The Pax Romana like playing heavy melodies over classic rock riffs that made people like Eric Clapton famous for songs about cocaine and interior decorating. They made an album and are still looking to find a place to have it pressed, hopefully a Detroit Steel Mill. Nobody sounds like us, but we like to lie all the time too.

In 2005, The Pax Romana laid their seeds in several major cities including Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, St. Augustine, Panama City and Gainesville.

In 2006, The Pax Romana followed up their EP and laid their seeds on digital media yet again with the album, "Force Majeure" which was released lastsummer. On April 8th, they premiered MuzzyFest, a successful, self run music festival they plan hosted and promoted to success. In May, they played the 5th Annual Florida Music Festival with Crease at Cafe Annie's. The following months were spent touring and eventually put on a short hiatus.

In 2007, anything is possible...

The Pax Romana is huge in Belgium.

It all started in 2004 and likely won't end until one of them dies or kills one another...