The Pax Romana

The Pax Romana


"What's The Pax Romana, you ask? Just your regular all day, freshly brewed, garage, progressive, somewhat grunge, experimental, but always jamming history-rock band..."


The Pax Romana is from all parts of the East Coast of the United States of America. They just ended up in a small town in the armpit of said country. William Hanson is from Old Orchard Beach, Maine and somehow hitch hiked his way south, probably through the H-train. Jay hails from a small town called Deltona that everyone passes by hungover on their way out of Daytona Beach. Mike used to live with retired New Yorkers in Ft. Lauderdale that whine and complain. Muzzy turned down the NHL and left Kissimmee, FL. And Matt lives here.

One hundred percent of The Pax Romana contribute to the work force.

The Pax Romana like playing heavy melodies over classic rock riffs that made people like Eric Clapton famous for songs about cocaine and interior decorating. They made an album and are still looking to find a place to have it pressed, hopefully a Detroit Steel Mill. Nobody sounds like us, but we like to lie all the time too.

In 2005, The Pax Romana laid their seeds in several major cities including Orlando, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale/Miami, St. Augustine, Panama City and Gainesville.

In 2006, The Pax Romana followed up their EP and laid their seeds on digital media yet again with the album, "Force Majeure" which was released lastsummer. On April 8th, they premiered MuzzyFest, a successful, self run music festival they plan hosted and promoted to success. In May, they played the 5th Annual Florida Music Festival with Crease at Cafe Annie's. The following months were spent touring and eventually put on a short hiatus.

In 2007, anything is possible...

The Pax Romana is huge in Belgium.

It all started in 2004 and likely won't end until one of them dies or kills one another...



Written By: Mike Roffman

On the corner of 8th and 6th, comes a cold hearted man, a myth/He came back a long time ago, shooting people, hero of war./Shootin' people, it'd make you think/hes kinda gone in the head./Pull the trigger, then release, a tiny hole of lead.

[Because you can't save nothing, but you're own life]

Tagged me up and left the scene, my body gaunt, a little lean/No questions, interviews, kinda left me sorry too./They dug my grave down in '26, said I had a show/Only thing the cororners left, is what they didn't know.

[Because you can't save nothing, but you're own life]

Stan shot me, Stan shot me down

Stan Shot Me

Stan Shot Me

Stan Shot Me Down

Can't Complain

Written By: Mike Roffman

Summer stage's curtain hangs down low

(with the thought of burning everything else)

Another reason to fade, another concept I haven't learned

You'll be sorry if you follow me

(im a leader to a misled cause)

How do you think I feel, another summer fought and lost.


Well I guess I can't complain

The time is still-ahead-but everything will not remain

Well I guess there's no restrain

Drive me there, drive me insane.

Mentally, mental estranged

The situation---looks good.

Walls are closing above-Im still a bit misunderstood

Society, we beg.

(With nothing ever to really lose)

Still a concept to me, fiscally, physically in need...


Win Some, Lose Some

Written By: Mike Roffman

No designs, no more but the truth/ Send the guards/ Arm the posts
What is lost/ What have we to win/ Another loss/ A broken sign.
An army of a lost forgotten age/Were
Inferior, superior
C: Can you see your wage? / Soldier, I ask
Can you see your fate? / Can you see your fate?
Do you have restrain?/ Do you still remain?
Octavian? / Octavian?
Octavian!/ Octavian!
Stems are branches, trained in an arc/ On fire with lust/ Bearing life.
Stand in line/ Pick and choose your fate/ This is a game/ Not to win.
Breed on courage, we're the ones we'll lose/ We're...
No time for the revolution, No time for the ressurection, inssurection, no time for the convulution
Go, go, were good to go. / Go, go, were good to go.
Augustus, Augustus, send us from the tides / That break and fall/ Tremble and quake
We look to love, we look for anything/ We beg and cry/ We scream too late
An army of a lost forgotten age/ Were
Inferior, superior
Octavian! Octavian! Octavian!


Garage Demos EP - 2004
Generatorchildren EP - 2005
Force Majeure - 2006

"Kids Without Cable"-2005- featured on x101.5
"Man on a Mission"-2005-featured on x101.5
"Win Some, Lose Some"-2006-featured on x101.5, Panama City and Binghamton, NY radio.

Set List

1. Botox Killer
2. Kids Without Cable
3. 1926
4. Gun Shy
5. Make A Scene
6. Insomniac's Lullabye
7. Man On A Mission
8. Roadhouse Blues
9. Higher Ground
10. Can't Complain
11. Win Some, Lose Some
12. Seven New Sins
13. Sappy Holidays
14. Baba O'Riley
15. Vanity's Sanity
16. Quaker Breaker

*Set lists usually range from 30, 45, to an hour.
+Many covers range from The Doors to The Who to Red Hot Chili Peppers to The Police.