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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Pedal to the Metal"

"The Payoff puts the pedal to the metal and never looks back, leaving you wet and bedraggled in a heap on the floor ... Punk in the sense that it’s all white-knuckle aggression and power rhythms, but absent the usual punk clichés, and flavored heavily with modern rock’s sonic ferociousness and energetic melodies." -

"Agression and Melody"

"The Payoff offer a nice mix of aggressiveness while maintaining nice melody throughout the songs. The vocals, which are always a point of contention in unsigned bands I’ve found, are excellent. They are sung with a good amount of force, oftentimes coming off as a clean yell, but always keeping a melody to them. The songs themselves offer a good mixture of elements, so nothing just runs together. The drumming is clear and powerful, driving the songs forward alongside the nicely mixed guitars. It sounds surprisingly well put together for a self-released EP, and this helps the songs maintain an edge to them."

"There are plenty of bands on labels now that aren’t nearly this good, so hopefully this EP garners some attention." -

"Something Wholly Its Own"

"Here we have yet another band who proves my theory that bands from rural America are tighter, more aggressive and more original than bands who grow up with an already-established scene to lean on,"

"This self-released EP proves that they're a band you may want to take note of, especially if you like well-produced pop with an aggressive punk edge."

"If you're looking for band comparisons, you're bound to be frustrated: sure, a moment here or there might remind you of Hot Water Music, At the Drive-In or even Naked Raygun, but it all comes together as something wholly its own."
- Deep Fry Bonanza (

"Sounds Better than Most Signed Bands"

"Fast-paced indie punk with melodic vocals and VERY good, driving drumming. This seems like a demo, but the production is great. They sound better than most signed bands in this genre."

"Birmingham Buzz"

"'Send More Paramedics' will rock your face off."

"The Payoff has recently released a five-song EP entitled 'Send More Paramedics,' aptly named, for this is heart-pounding music that will leave you breathless. These songs showcase The Payoff’s sound, which combines hardcore punk aggression (a la Fugazi or NOFX), with the dynamic melodicism of Dinosaur Jr." -


"The Payoff included a note with their inaugural EP that stated that the music contained therein is best enjoyed at high volume, and is probably not for everyone. This is a nice way of saying that if you've ever owned a Janet Jackson album, this album is not for you. The six tracks on the EP live up to their billing—all fast, angry, and definitely not for everyone—but to those who love hardcore music—butta, baby. The screaming vocals of Tim Frazier urge on the already accelerated pace of the music to an even more frenzied pace." -

"Old School Punk Mixed with Modern Rock"

"Three guys who have found a perfect balance of old school punk mixed with modern rock. Their new EP release entitled “Send More Paramedics” will leave you wanting more. From the heavy bass riffs .. catchy distorted guitar riffs… and solid beat from the drums."

"I would recommend this CD to anyone who is looking for something different or to the old school punk fan. To the credit of 'The Payoff' they are playing what is true to them and not what gets shoved down our throats on the local radio. Keep Rockin guys." -

"The Payoff Lead the Way"

from issue No. 67, May/June '05:

"Music being cyclical, it is time to bring back the AmRep sound of the early 90's, and I suggest the Payoff lead the way. The power trio format doesn't let the rhythm section hide behind layers of guitars, instead we get a tight, pounding drums and bass that is accented by guitar attacks."

from issue No. 60, March/April '04:

"An absolutely great demo from a Drive Like Jehu-sounding band. The production makes it awesome. Let's hope someone picks them up for a full-length."

- Punk Planet

"They Are Angels of Rock"

"The rest of the Birmingham rock scene may be going to Hell in a bucket, but at least The Payoff shines like a beacon from Heaven."

"None of the emo, screamo, hardcore or maudlin indie pop that you’ve come to loathe."

"You’re liable to have some sort of conversion experience while listening to rockingest dudes you’ll ever meet from Mount Olive. " - Birmingham Weekly


A few demos, a few compilations.... the usual. The Payoff is currently supporting the self-released EP-CD, "Send More Paramedics..."

Download some MP3 tracks at


Feeling a bit camera shy


Friends since the days of troubled youth, The Payoff has always done their own thing. Each were former members of southern punk bands, and they stir-fried that frantic energy with a more evolved interest in indie rock to craft a deliberately original sound meant to stick in your head like a retinal burn from staring at the sun. As punk rock as David Bowie and as cerebral as Black Flag, the band delivers equal parts sonic punishment and enthralling melody. The Payoff’s five years spent gestating in the margins of Birmingham, Alabama's overlooked music community have allotted them the freedom to develop a style devoid of the trappings of an established “hip new thing” in the scene. The end product is refreshingly cool, nothing like you’d here on today’s stultifying alt-rock FM radio waves, and that might be the best testament to the music’s genius. They're never afraid to experiment or tinker with expectations. A long-time labor of love from three working stiffs from the Deep South, The Payoff will continue doing its own thing for years to come, defying clichés, turning heads and shaking the walls.