The Payoff

The Payoff


The Payoff: A post-punk band with a die-hard independent spirit boasting energy and originality to spare. Expect explosions of angular intensity spliced with spiraling melodies on the back of a driving rhythm section. It's modern rock that is as ear-catching as it is propulsive. Get in & buckle up.


The Payoff prides itself equally on originality and energy. We prefer fast, aggressive music with a strong tendency toward catchy hooks and melody. We aren't satisfied with cookie-cutter songs, and try to elevate our music to a more artful and unique level than is found with the generic sound of so much contemporary radio rock. Our lyrcial content stems largely from today's sociopolitical climate both domestically and globally, as well as the band's collective dissatisfaction with modern culture and worldwide affairs.


Riders of the Dead Horse CD-LP (House of Love Records) 2008

"Parabola" (Jawbreaker cover) released as single on 'Save Your Breath ... A Tribute to Jawbreaker' (House of Love Records) 2008

Send More Paramedics CD-EP (self-released) 2005

"Lamar's Lament" released as single on 'We Did it Our Own Way ... Punk Rock from Dixieland' compilation (Victimized Records) 2005

"To Fail and Fall Apart" released as single on 'Boxcars on 1st ... An Alabama Compilation' (Bent Rail Foundation) 2004

3-song demo CD (self-released) 2003

Set List

We play primarily original music with the occasional cover song thrown in. We can play a simple short set (30 minutes) or a longer 2-hour set, with all originals. Songs range from 2 to 5 minutes in length. The bands we do cover tend to be indie artists from the '90s, such as Helmet, Afghan Whigs, Sonic Youth, etc.