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The Peace

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Hip Folk man -- Hip Hop + Folk = Hip Folk -- Think Biggie meets Bob Dylan, Jay-Z meets Jack Johnson..... plus Tupac's energy!


People love The Peace. Their music is uplifting, humorous, insightful and poignant. Their slogan of “Positivity. Energy. Peace. Love,” sums up the band’s purpose and focus. Lead singer Bobby Kendes has helped The Peace create their own type of music, which mixes Hip Hop and Folk. They term it Hip Folk. Hip Folk music for Hip Folk

The band makes you smile. They get on stage and are a rush of positive energy. They inspire the crowd to dance, be free and have a good time. That’s the point of a live show, isn’t it? To get people to come, stay, and go home happy. That’s why people keep coming back to see The Peace – they want to feel good.

I could go on and on about how Bobby is probably one of the sharpest emcees in the Northeast, if not the country. About how he channels Tupac and Biggie and throws in a little Jack Johnson for good measure. I could tell you that Bob Campbell is as steady as a rock, grooving in the pocket and accentuating the message with stop and go precision. I could fill you in on how Harold radiates pure loving energy on stage. But, why not have the fans tell you?

Enjoy this CD and be blessed, peaceful and positive. I hope to hear from you soon.


Already All Right

Written By: Robert Kendes

I do a show and there's 3 ladies waitin'
I kick a flow and there's 5 fellas hatin'
I grab the mic and I just keep elevatin'
I'm livin' life, at the same time killin' Satan
I know G-d, I meditate hard,
wanna see the black dog, then jet to cape cod
the girl is comin' back soon, i'mma take over rap soon,
and ya know ya know that's just the facts dude
BK mack June, July and August, make news like Reuters, I'm 25 like quarters,
they caught us, crossin' the borders of musical genres, committin' actions that's creatin' good karma,
we spreadin' love peace and happiness, if you wanna feel good let your feet tap to this,
you could rap to this, while you're drivin' in your car,
dreamin' about bein' a star and buyin' out the bar so

Please, let go your troubles, feel good tonight... There aint no need, to rise from the rubble, ah cos everything's already all right

In case you haven't heard, it was in 3 little birds, Marley said it with like 7 words, he said, "every little thing, gonna be all right."

Yes, you know i got respect for my idols, i'm just here to spread peace, don't gimme no titles,
but if ya call me somethin' call me the peace maker, cos i think that's the nature of my maker...
i thank the Lord that i live in Vermont
where i could go to a thrift store, and then flaunt...
a 1 dollar shirt, a 2 dollar hat,
a 3 dollar pair of pants, and that's that!
yo i'm holdin' it down for the Green Mountain State,
where the hills roll on and the syrup is great...
we got cheddar cheese, we got muddy knees,
we got manners so you know we say thank you and

Please let go your troubles, feel good tonight... there aint no need to rise from the rubble....cos everything's already all right!


Bobby Kendes - In Vermont (2007)
Bobby From The Peace - Ready to Live (2009)
Single - "Already All Right" (2008)

Set List

Set list is about 70% originals and 30% covers, though that may change depending on the crowd.