The Peace Leeches

The Peace Leeches


One of the most explosive and original live acts you will ever see. Lead by a dynamic wild woman and backed by a guitar wizard, this 2 piece's energy will suck you in. The music is electronic, danceable, experimental and catchy with lyrics that will amaze you and linger in your mind for days.


The fresh new Canadian act, The Peace Leeches, have emerged from Southern Ontario with a bang. Their highly anticipated debut album "ROYGBIV", released this spring, combines catchy vocals, unique experimental riffs and trippy electronics, producing a sound unlike any other. The CD is comprised of 12 tracks including the great single "Surfin the Soil". For a 2 piece The Peace Leeches carry such a full sound that most people are shocked to hear there's only 2 people creating it all. Lead by a wildly energetic front woman and backed by a skillful guitar juggler, it's no surprise people leave their show with a buzz. It’s not until you’ve seen their live show that you really experience the intensity and mesmerizing power of this dynamic duo. "The energy that The Peace Leeches bring to the stage is unique, unlike any other. First you see them and the curioisity starts, then by the end of the first song you can't deny the freedom and positive glow you feel, and then before you know it, you're dancing just as crazy as the singer." -(Murad Erzinclioglu, Creator and operator of FAM Art&Music Fest, WAMM Magazine, 2008) The Peace Leeches shared the stage with big professional acts such as Finger 11, The Trews, Woodhands, Sloan, Beast, Thornley, The Unsettlers and many more. They frequent The Phog Lounge in Windsor which was just dubbed "Best Live Music Venue in Canada 2009" by CBC Radio 3. They were asked by the owner to share the stage with the well known Canadian bands "The Arkells" and "Holy Fuck" to celebrate the accomplishment. They've been featured in many indie spotlights including 2 television debuts on SWO's "Shattered" and London, Ontario's "London Calling" as well as several magazine interviews. The Peace Leeches have toured throughout Ontario but will be embarking on a East coast tour in the Spring 2010. With standout tracks, captivating live shows, and such fresh, young musicians, The Peace Leeches are a band that you want to be the first to discover.


The Peace Leeches EP (2007): Album single - "Opioid"

ROYGBIV (Available on ITunes) - full length - (2009)
"Paparazzi" and "Surfin the Soil" are the most frequently played.
Several songs have had airplay on colleges and universities around Canada and USA and are in regular rotation on Indie Shows in Ontario.

Set List

We usually have a 45 minute set with all originals.

1. Earth
2. Surfin the Soil
3. Dream Machine
4. Safe Sex
5. Wet Son
6. Opioid
7. Donate
8. Paparazzi
9. The Party
10. Happy People
11. Send Ya Kisses