The Peacheaters

The Peacheaters


From Ain't Wastin' Time No More to Whippin' Post the Peacheaters dig deep into the Allman Brothers' 3 + decades of music. More than a "cover band" or a "tribute", we deliver a fresh, exciting live experience that creates a vibe. It's like hearing these great songs again for the first time.


The Peacheaters started as a side-project of another band. We found that we all shared a love for the music of the Allman Brothers and similar artists, and decided to do occasional gigs under a pseudonym. Two things surprised us; the overwhelming positive response from audiences, and they way that this timeless music seemed to live and breathe as we explored it. Rather than play the music, the music started playing us; the experience was intoxicating. Every show was unique, different, an event. The "original" band fell by the wayside, and more and more the Peach took over. We started incorporating material from related artists - The Grateful Dead, Derek and the Dominoes, Van Morrison, and even some of our originals - but always keeping the Allman Brothers music as the focus and core of our show. We love this music, respect it deeply, and see what we do as a way of keeping it's fire burning brightly. We don't try to copy or imitate, we don't "become" Duane or Dickie; rather, we try to play their music with the same love and fire and inspiration that they always did. And in doing so, deliver a unique and exciting musical event; one that leaves everyone, performer and audience alike, breathless.


Peacheaters Live at the Wheelhouse (video of full show, 2 sets!) available for streaming at:

Set List

We try to mix it up; every set, every performance is unique. Typical sets run about 80 minutes, three a night, but we've done hit-and-run 20 minute sets and 3 hour shows without a break.

Standard Repertoire:

All Night Train
Ain't Wastin' Time No More
Statesboro Blues
Old Friend
Rockin' Horse
Don't Want You No More
Not My Cross to Bear
End of the Line
Stormy Monday
Black Hearted Woman
Midnight Rider
The Same Thing
Hoochie Coochie Man
You Don't Love Me
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down (The Band - ABB cover '05)
Trouble No More
Hot 'Lanta
Sailin' Cross the Devil's Sea
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
One Way Out
Into the Mystic (Van Morrison - ABB cover '05)
Blue Sky
Whippin' Post
Back to Where it All Begins
Stand Back
No One Left to Run With
Slackjaw Jezebel
Done Somebody Wrong
Wasted Words
Can't Take it With You
Ramblin' Man
Don't Keep Me Wondering
Every Hungry Woman
Seven Turns