The PeachTree

The PeachTree

BandLatinHip Hop

A mix between latin fusion and dance hip hop. Older music sound like rage against the machine. Our new ep sounds like Ozo Matli and atmosphere


Our influences range from Punk rock to old school hip hop to Heavy metal.

We all have our own styles of performing that gives us a unique sound that is not quite pop, but also has that dance vib to it.

Jesus and Carlos Jacobo started rapping solo before bringing in Chris Calderon in 2009.

With a fallout with their album bassist Kevin, Josh Byrd entered the picture in 2010.

Playing many local Aurora and Chicago shows, the band also toured the midwest in December of 2010. Hitting Louisville Madison Nashville Indy, Iowa City, and Ann Arbor.

After performing with Afro man in detroit for the MME after party at The Majestic in Detroit in March 2012, Rapper Jacobo left the band.

And that brings us to today...


Did you hear what I said? ep 2009

Muevete ep 2012