The Peacock Flounders

The Peacock Flounders

 Durham, Connecticut, USA

The Peacock Flounders are an original, dense, guitar driven rock band with sensible yet unpredicatable pop melodies. Led by legendary New Haven Connecticut songwriters Ron Sutfin and Kerry Miller their debut Album "Hello Beautiful" is receiving rave reviews all over the country.


New Haven, Connecticut based band The Peacock Flounders was formed by long time musical collaborators Ron Sutfin and Kerry Miller in 2003. Together with guitarist Jeff Wiederschall and Bassist Sal Paradise the band is an outlet for Ron and Kerrys original songs. They bring their experience from previous New Haven bands Valley of Kings, Miracle Legion, Cameraface, Mad Haleen, The Swaggerts and Fn Colleen to meld a powerful rock sound with a pop sensibility. Guitarist Jeff Wiederschall played in the critically aclaimed New Haven band Miracle Legion. Bassist Sal Paradise played with Christine Ohlman (the behive chick from the Saturday night live band with G. E. Smith) and was the touring bassist with The Five Satins in the early 80's. The Peacock Flounders first Connecticut shows have brought rave reviews from audiences, with comparisons to The Hoodoo Gurus and Big Star. Their influences include The Replacements, Psychedelic Furs, Alex Chilton, Foo Fighters, Sex Pistols, Gun Club, Iggy Pop, The Damned, and Guided by Voices.
Posted on Fri, Jun 13, 2008
Quality efforts from locals and nationals alike
By Patrick Ferrucci, New Haven Register Entertainment Editor
The Peacock Flounders Hello Beautiful (Thin Man Music): Riding a lead-guitar riff very similar to Social Distortions I Was Wrong, The Peacock Flounders Apple Trees is an urgent rock song, one that highlights the 10-tune effort that is Hello Beautiful, a stellar record from the New Haven quartet.

Featuring Kerry Miller, Ron Sutfin, Jeff Wiederschall and Sal Paradise, The Peacock Flounders brings a ton of experience to this record, years and years of working in such seminal local bands as Miracle Legion, Valley of Kings, The Swaggerts and more. The music is closer to Big Star than any of those other groups though, with Millers tunes providing a more melodic counterpoint to Sutfins amped-up, punk-inspired songs. The disc leads off with the title track, a dense, guitar-driven, rootsy song featuring Millers plaintive vocals.

Rarely do the guys move outside of its powerful two-guitar, bass and drums backbone, but Lemon and a Lime adds a little synth into the mix. And by keeping this simple, there are very few missteps on Hello Beautiful. The jangley, old R.E.M.-like In the Inside will have you singing along by its conclusion, while Oh So Easy sucks listeners in with an off-kilter lead guitar line and the oddly placed lap-steel. Its a mess of tune, but it works beautifully, from the multiple guitar tracks to the out-of-nowhere harmony vocals.

If they added some bright keyboards, Still be Mine could be a Cars song. Its got a catchy chorus and a totally killer lead-guitar part.
Theres nothing overly new and unique on Hello Beautiful, but its a blue-collar album featuring very good songwriting from scene veterans Miller and Sutfin. Paradise, now the frontman for Rope, doesnt actually appear on the disc, but figures to be on hand for all future live shows. His presence should just add to what is already a persistent and quality live band. And the Flounders do a great job translating that live energy to record, never once sounding like a band that feels like tinkering with its sound. Simply put, Hello Beautiful is exactly what youd expect from the quartet if youve ever seen them live, and thats a big compliment. Patrick Ferrucci, New Haven Register Entertainment Editor

Posted Thursday June 12th 2008
New Haven Advocate music critic Mike Sembos:
Ten tracks of solid power pop that immediately bring Miracle Legion to mind. This makes sense since Peacock Flounders songwriters Ron Sutfin and Kerry Miller lived with Miracle Legion's Mark Mulcahy and Ray Neal, and played drums and bass, respectively, on ML's early recordings. If you told me this album was recorded in 1987 (but with better drum sounds than those typical of the era), I wouldn't doubt it. There's plenty of substance and creativity. Big-room-sounding drums and crunchy guitars are consistent throughout, with reverbed vocals holding down good-feeling-yet-not-predictable melodies. Mike Sembos

Indie Music Digest by Levi Canfield
The Peacock Flounders, hailing from New Haven, CT, released their debut LP in 2008. With most of the LP split between writing of the two lead singers (Kerry and Ron), the 40 minute album flows cohesively through all 10 tracks. The most radio-friendly song I Forget was written and sung by [Ron]. Short and to the point. This would be the definitive song in defining The Peacock Flounders' sound. In the middle of the album, the band drops probably their richest song Ride, which literally takes you on a sonic ride ... The album carries along with the same pop single sense appeal before leaving with Sonic Believer. Despite its punk/rock appeal, it really shows the chops that these guys can crank out a banger with ease and sensibility without seeming trite."


Hello Beautiful (Thin Man Music) '08 full length CD

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