The Pears

The Pears


For anyone that lives to dance and have fun, this is the band for them. The infectiously upbeat songs of The Pears make it impossible to resist the urge to get up and move your body. The Pears bring a refreshingly joyous feel back into the indie scene that makes them an instant favorite.


The Pears play just-gotta-dance-rock, focusing on clean licks, tasty drums, gnarly bass lines, and sky-high vocal melodies. After getting their start at MIT in September 2007, they had some immediate magic but stopped playing for a while to finish their homework and get their hearts broken a little bit. The Pears' reformed with more serious plans in February 2008. Having built a devoted and thriving fan-base in the MIT community, The Pears are looking for exposure in the greater Boston scene.

The Pears have played a number of shows in the Cambridge area, including a series of student-run rock festivals in early 2008. They consistently draw large crowds of excited, dancing fans, that have only been increasing steadily as the word gets out.

In April 2008, The Pears won a Battle of the Bands Showcase for a year long contract with the independent record label, Wax on Felt Records. Their original, upbeat sound won over the crowd and were overwhelmingly the fan favorites. They will be releasing their debut album in early 2009 as well as playing several shows in the Boston area and possibly setting out on tour.


Three singles are available for streaming on their website,, Collegiate Love, Katherine, and Twenty Minutes. Their debut album is due out in 2009.

Set List

The set is generally 40-50 minutes long.

Plenty of Nights
On my Knees
Good Love
Collegiate Love
Cost of Love
Little Things
20 Minutes
Trouble in Mind
Change my ways

Cover Songs:
Paper Bag - Fiona Apple
I'm still in love with you - T. Bone Walker
Vienna - Billy Joel
Roxanne - The Police