the pear traps

the pear traps

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The Pear Traps are a 5 piece, lo-fi indie rock band out of Chicago, IL. Their sound is reminiscent of groups like Joy Division, Wilco and Ryan Adams but create their own unique style through the use of vintage hollowbody guitars, homemade tube amplifiers and telephone receiver microphones.


The Pear Traps was formed in the summer of 2009 when Bryant moved back to Chicago via San Francisco and decided to put his years of solo home recordings to work. Individually the members of the The Pear Traps have played in bands/styles that range from St. Louis alt country to Oakland garage rock and their varying experiences are definitely reflected in the overall band's sound. While most of their equipment's technology is pre-1960s, the band incorporates unique chord progressions, song structures and vocal delivery to give them a style all their own while tonally remaining somewhat familiar.

The Pear Traps started out from the very bottom doing shows at warehouse parties and small, dirty rock bars in Chicago. In March of 2010 they recorded their first EP, Basement Fidelity, DIY style in their basement and received positive reviews from multiple publications. They kept playing shows and eventually established themselves amongst the up-and-coming bands in the city. Most recently they've been headlining reputable mid-sized venues as well as opening for touring acts at the larger spots.

The band members themselves are a close group of friends that genuinely enjoy being on stage with one another. When it comes to performances, a reviewer put it best when he commented "... it's like having your friend's band playing at your birthday party in a garage."

The Pear Traps will resume recording late 2010 and are planning a small-scale national tour in early 2011.


Basement Fidelity EP: March, 2010. Available for free download at: