The Peer Gynt Band

The Peer Gynt Band


Norwegian blues guitar virtuoso: a unique collage of hard hitting blues, slow blues, and Norwegian folk tunes, Peer Gynt has managed to place Norwegian music on the international charts. Peer Gynt has enchanted his public and the press in all of Europe and USA, with his magnificant musical charm.


Pat Savage, is an award winning Canadian blues guitarist, Musical Director for the popular "Born to Ride" TV series in Florida and also writes for Big City Blues (Detroit) and Guitar News Weekly (Australia). He was so blown away by Peer Gynt, these are his thoughts:

Through a friend of mine, the mighty Texas bluesman, Chris Duarte and through the mighty power of the net, I have discovered, one hell of a blues guitartist from Norway, Peer Gynt.

Do not for a moment assume that he is yet another of the post Stevie Ray clones that have appeared in the sad absence of the real legend. Peer plays truly from his heart, and his passion is easily felt as soon as you become entranced with his sound.

Peer Gynt was born in the mountains of Norway, in Namsos, in 1971. The 35 year old blues singer has made a quick rise to fame playing Scandanavia's Blues Fests and club venues. He grew up in the small town Skogn, Norway and has always been interested in music. He tells the tale of how his mother would put on the record player before he could even walk. When he was 5 years old, he got his first Elvis Presley record. Instead of the usual playtime things kids do, Peer was sitting in his room listening to Elvis.

As he got older, he began listening to Kiss and Dio, but when he turned 16, his brother introduced him to "Live Alive" by Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Peer was transformed.

Truly inspired by Vaughan, Peer's earlier recordings pay hommage to the Texan guitarist, with a beefed up sound and attitude. As the years went by, he developed his own unique style. Norway has such a strong, old culture, and you can hear the Old Norwegian Folk tunes in his playing and arrangements.

And play he does, I was so taken by his talents, I arranged for Peer and his band to open a couple of shows for us at Daytona Bike Week. We were floored and really had to pull out all the stops to match the intensity of his amazing live performance!

You will soon be able to hear this intensity on his latest CD being shopped worldwide and soon to be released. Produced by heavyweight producer Andy Johns (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, etc...) it is fantastic. You can get a taste of it, by clicking on audio from his EPK or click download on his fantastic website:
Me, I'm heading for the mountains of Norway!

In 2003, millions of Norwegian TV viewers had the chance to catch a glimpse of Peer Gynt when his video "Sam's Cafe" (from the Fairy Tales CD) was shown on Norwegian Television (NRK 2 - Svisj), climbing straight to the top, passing
Robbie Williams and Madonna
and staying in the top 10, just short of 2 months.

In 2001, the German/American label, RUF Records had the chance to hear Peer Gynt at one of his many festival dates in Norway. This resulted in the release of his CD Fairy Tales in 2002 on the international market. Followed by this release, was the opportunity to tour Europe with legendary bands like: Walter Trout, Canned Heat,
Manfred Mann, and Ten Years After.

In 1996, on a promotional tour in the USA, a Fender representative became aware of Peer's unorthodox style of guitar playing. As a result, a sponsorship from one of the worlds leading guitar manufacturers was presented.

In the same year, La Bella Strings, also indoctrinated a contract for the Norwegian artist. Both have been very helpful in connection with promotion and live performances.

Since the release of "Forste Akt", (First Act) on the Tilden label record, his first video, "Good Lord", and significant touring in and around Scandanavia, Peer is known as one of the most attractive live artists Norway has to offer, presenting his faithful audience with over 140 concerts each year, for the past 10 years.

Walter Trout: "Peer"is an animal on stage, and his guitar playing is very unorthodox. He'll make it!

The Peer Gynt Band will open for The Jeff Healey Band at The Mont-Tremblant International Blues Festival on July 15th, 2006.


Ten Year's on the Road - Alive!
Fairy Tales
The King of the Mountain Blues
First Act

"Sam's Cafe" video (from the Fairy Tales CD) was shown on Norwegian Television (NRK 2 - Svisj), and climbed straight to the top, passing Robbie Williams and Madonna and staying in the top 10, just short of 2 months.

Set List

The Peer Gynt Band plays both their own original material, co written with great writers like: Doyle Bramhall ll and Bernie Marsden, along with cover tunes by: Stevie Ray Vaughan, Otis Rush, Howlin' Wolf, Eric Clapton, etc...