thepeguesproject, brainchild, of jazz pianist rodger pegues is a nu-jazz collaborative that is fresh,risk-taking and bold. For thepeguesproject the meaning and purpose lies in the journey of musical exploration, discovery and epiphany.


Rodger Pegues, a native of Seattle, Washington, started singing solos in church at the age of 9. Inspired by the gifted music minister of Mt Zion Baptist Church, Phyllis Byrdwell, he began to study piano. In his teens he received both classical and jazz piano instruction at the Cornish School of Allied Arts. At Garfield High School, under the directorship of Clarence Acox he was awarded a superior performance award at the Reno International Jazz festival.

The music of John Coltrane, McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock and Keith Jarrett were among his earliest influences as he searched for his voice among the musical panoply of jazz genres and stylings.

After studying at Cornish Rodger moved to Los Angles, CA. There as the musical director of the City Stage theater he began to explore experimental forms of jazz and performance art, fusing jazz with poetry, drama and visual arts.

In the early 1990's his creative expression came of age during his tenure at the Jazz Club in Hong Kong. There he played with the great Jon Hendricks, Billy Bang, Dakota Stanton, and the legendary Jimmy Witherspoon. After working and touring in Asia for several years 3 years Rodger returned to Seattle Washington and formed the Rodger Pegues Trio.

Leading this group he toured throughout the Pacific Northwest featuring his signature vocals , graceful, bold and eclectic piano stylings, and repertoire of original compositions that embody a synergy of passion for the innovative against a tribute to the traditional.

Presently, as brainchild of the nu-jazz mixed media collaboration, thepeguesproject, Rodger is performing his original compositions, featuring Brian Hartman on saxophone at premier eclectic venues throughout the Pacific Northwest as a harbinger of things to come with the 2009 release of his cd, "the historicity of rodger pegues".



Written By: rodger pegues

where do the people go
when they got no home
where I can find a friend
when I'm all alone
where can I find the hope
when I got no faith
where can I find the time
when it's much too late

where can I find a dream
when I got no wish (shes)
where can I find the strength
when I got no soul
where can I find the love
when I got a no heart
where can I find the peace
when there is no meaning

it comes from a place
deep inside
where the feelings and hopes they don't hide

take care
when you look
you might see
a new vision of love
a new hope from above
a new sky a new bird
a new me

where can I find road
through the days and years
where can I find the joy
in this veil of tears
where can I find the day
when I walk at night
where can I find the truth
when I live a lie

copyright 2008 nulegend

same people

Written By: rodger pegues

I've faced my fears
& walked away
a new creature in
circumstance to all the visions
wrapped inside my head
like Sunday news
or World War 3
my patience growin thin
why should I let you in
I'm gonna live 4ever

curtain calls
a hit parade
the shock and awe
from black to fade
the dying ones
mass suicide
why can't they realize
we're all one and the same
the same people

rip & torn
a child born
into the world
not boy or girl
but child God
a victim of his fathers sin
his mothers dance
and missed romance
but through it
we're all one and the same
the same people

so here we are
on judgment day
the reckoning
a price to pay
my history
throughout all time
just who I am
a soul or mind
just who we are
a truth or lie
the powers say
don't question why
my brothers say
why give a damm
let them kill that other man
but higher love says question why
I can't just let my brother die
cuz in that wheel
we're all a spoke
it's all too real
lifes not a joke
the dice don't roll the best of me
we've each all got destiny
that says more than don't mess with me
look pass the flesh and you'll see
cuz we're all one and the same
the same people

copyright 2008 nulegend

luvin you

Written By: rodger pegues

when love is hate
when black is white
when night is day
when wrong is right

when young is old
when east is west
when lie is truth
when worst is best

that's when I'll
stop luvin you baby
that's when I'll
stop luvin you baby

when hot is cold
when money's free
when time stands still
when land is sea

when good is evil
when give is take
when hopes is despair
whens dreams are fate


copyright 2008 nulegend


This year we will release our project debut cd:
"the historicity of rodger pegues"

Set List

We have 3 hours of original material

Our sets are one hour.