the pen cap romance

the pen cap romance


The Pen Cap Romance, an indie rock band from CT, plays alternative music similar to Daughtry and the Last Goodnight. PCR seeks to gain as much exposure as possible in order to play music for as long as possible, meet new people, and build relationships, using their music as the means to doing so.


It’s Christmas morning. Two brothers sit in the Chevy Suburban packed full of music equipment, food, and diet coke. “What are we doing?” they ask each other.

The scenario is…well…not all that common. Two brothers, Luke and Johnny Connell, wishing to pursue their passion in music, travel 750 miles from their home in Middletown, CT, to Cincinnati, OH…all on Christmas day. Eleven hours later they arrive at their hotel. The next day it begins…recording their first album. Five days later it’s completed. And about two months after that, they have two more bandmates, Nate Dudek and Brandt Sanderson, and play their debut show as The Pen Cap Romance.

“Formed in late 2007, The Pen Cap Romance is more than just a band. It’s four guys: Luke, Nate, Brandt, and Johnny, seeking to build relationships with people and show them love and hope, using music as the window to doing so.”

Our goal as a band is to meet new people and build relationships with them. We want to share our stories with them, and we want to touch their hearts with our music while at the same time being touched by their friendship.

We are in no way perfect, nor are we musical geniuses, however, we want to use what musical abilities we have in order to reach people, to reach you, and to help those in need. The world is filled with hurting and lonely people. We ourselves have dealt with this very same hurt and loneliness, and quite honestly, we still deal with these issues on a daily basis. We don’t have all the answers, nor do we claim to. However, we want the opportunity to share our faith with others, and to love them for who they are. Our desire is to simply do what we feel we’ve been called to do by our Savior, and that is to love.

So with that being said, we hope you like our music. Talk to us. Get to know us. Get dinner with us. Play guitar hero with us. Whatever! We’d love to meet new people and build friendships with people like you.


Run Away

Written By: the pen cap romance

I want to get us out of here
I want to go where we can stop and think about what we are and who we want to be
Baby i want you to be with me.
We can lay out under bright blue skies and watch the shapes of clouds as they pass by

Will you run away with me, we can find a way to break free
We can leave this place thats held us far too long
I’ll be right there by your side, holdin onto you so tight
Don’t be afraid, baby we can do this together

I know that we can find a way
You’re the only one i’ll ever need and without you my life wont be complete
Baby run away with me
I wanna lay out under stars with you, gaze into your eyes and hold you tight

Getting Over You

Written By: the pen cap romance

And i tried to call you last night
But you wouldnt return my call
Did it mean anything when i told you that i was falling in love
And i dont even know what i feel
All i know is that this is real
Feel like you dont have time for me am i just someone you lead on
I dont wanna be

And i cant find the words to say when you tell me you're gonna stay
Your words say one thing but your actions tell me
Baby we wont make it through the night
I still listen to your lies
Why cant i see the light
Cause the lie beats out what i know is right

And i dont know where to begin
I'm falling for you again
Why am i so hopelessly lost in my deep pain within
And you wont take it away
You just lead my heart astray
One day your mine and the next i find that it was all a lie

And i cant believe anything you say anymore
I wish it could go back to how it was before
When i could live in a lie and believe you were sincere
Cause living in a fantasy babe beats whats real


Written By: the pen cap romance

Standing in the parking lot trying to say goodbye
Knowing this could be the last time to tell you what was on my mind
Of how you meant the world to me, you're everything that i want and need, but now you're gone

But i remember the way that you used to say my name
I wish i could just close my eyes and take everything back
And i wanted you to know that i wont ever let you go
I wont ever let you go

They say we were meant together that being apart would make us stronger
That somehow we would find a way
But how can we if we're miles apart, i dont even know right where to start
Maybe its time i just gave up

Now i can never fall asleep at night cause all i think about
Is how i'm drowning when you're not around i keep on sinking down
It doesnt matter how much pain you give me i cant get over you
Truth be told i dont ever really want to get over you


studio album -

2007: "Ten Types of Love and Heartache"

Set List

1. Run Away
2. Getting Over You
3. Letting Go
4. Summer's Over
5. Searching
6. Fading
7. Bonfires and Memories
8. Goodbye
9. Without a Clue
10. Find me Today

Our typical set list is 45 minutes, but we can do more or less.