The Penfifteen Club

The Penfifteen Club


Sick hot!


The Penfifteen Club is a band from Los Angeles. Unlike so many of today's current bands, TPC does not sound like a high school kid crying over diet punk rock. Unique guitar riffs, strong vocals , and a sharp sense of humor are some of the basic elements that make up their sound.

The band was formed out of a weekly get together at a dingy rehearsal studio/crack den in Hollywood. The four members we're all in other bands and participated in the weekly sessions for no other reason than to have fun.

In January 2005 they finished a full length record which has already been licensed to The AVEX Label (Muse, Sigur Ros, Junior Senior) in Japan and was released in May 2005. The record was self produced and features appearances by Chris Shiflett (Foo Fighters) on guitar, Airin Older (Sugarcult) on trumpet, and Jason Falkner (Jellyfish & Air) on keyboards. The record bosts 12 tasty audio morsels including Ms. Hilton which can be heard multiple times in every episode of The Simple Life on Fox. The song also got national radio play and is on iPods across the globe.

"A few years ago I wrote a song about this girl I'd see around town", says Luke, "She was this skinny blonde chick that wore insane outfits and showed up at clubs on roller skates. I asked somebody who she was and they said Paris Hilton. I thought she was amusing to say the least so I wrote the song." Cut to 2005…it’s a couple years later and she is a household name with her own show.

TPC has toured and done shows with the likes of Ima Robot, BRMC, The Sounds, MXPX, The Eagles of Death Metal, Sugarcult and many more. Look for them in a dive bar or stadium near you.


Hang Down (EP)
Feel It (Full Length)

Set List

Party Favor
Sparks Fly
Disco Motherfucker
Queen Of Clubs
Never Again
Backin' Me
Go Home With You
Young Love
Feel It
Don't Bring Me Down (ELO)

Set time is usually about 35-40 minutes