The Penguin Revolution

The Penguin Revolution

 Long Beach, New York, USA

Locally developed on Long Islands south shore, The Penguin Revolution has already taken over the stage at Irving Plaza and the Blender Theater, among many others.
Blending genres ranging from laid back reggae, to hard rock and dirty funk, this 7-piece band is gaining momentum and demands attention.


The Penguin Revolution has been in constant development for over a decade. With lead singer/songwriter Kevin McIntyre at the helm, the band has grown from a small local act into a high energy, multi-layered, 7-piece funk ensemble.
Jumping seamlessly between rock, funk, ska and reggae, sometimes all in one song, our music draws influences from a plethora of artists and genres spanning decades. The band's 7 musical minds all come from diverse musical backgrounds, including jazz, rock, heavy metal, electronic, funk, good old fashioned R&B, and a healthy serving of ska. The result is a unique and upbeat sound that never fails to draw a crowd, please a crowd, and make that crowd dance their asses off.
Kevin McIntyre being the foremost contributor of songwriting and lyrics, the vast majority of T.P.R.'s songs are actually documenting the intricate and elaborate story of Oscar Hamilton, a penguin on the verge of madness leading his brethren to world domination in a vast war against the humans.
Over the years, the band has seen several members come and go, and has pushed on and persevered through thick and thin. 2010 saw the return of 3 former band members (John Montoya, Jason Liguori, and Mike Nelson), and in 2011 the Penguin Revolution is bigger and better than it has ever been.
After stealing the show at Irving Plaza in NYC for the second time, in January 2011, The Penguin Revolution stand poised to take their act to the next level.


Jamanji Crib

Written By: The Penguin Revolution

Jamanji Crib
verse 1
I'm not related to the family called the brady bunch
I'm just a member of the crew the crew of captain crunch
How many times must I tell ya to fill the hole (how many)
More than a dozen times you stupid asshole
Oh woo that really did not make much sense
Well thats ok cuz I think I got you all in full suspense
Oh where did that fox go with my brand new socks
I hope he did not hide them on me and put them under a rock
My house is being taking over by a bunch of wild chickens
I can hear them baking cookies I can hear it coming from my kitchen
Oh why do they come to take it over
Why did they take my four leaf clover
I think I'll have to beat them over the cranium with a roller
And push them down west beech st. and I'll push them in aluminum stroller
A monkey stole my wallet it was only three days ago
He said that he was not my friend and that his name is Moe
I asked why he said that I will never ever know
I asked him for the wallet back he slapped and said no
Think I'll have to take this monkey by the little tippy toes
And tie them to the back of my truck and wait for green to go
Why oh why are the animals out of the cage
Why oh why did I have to roll this dice on this game
Why oh why are the animals in such rage
Tell me where I put my 12 gauge
verse 2
Rabbit picked my pocket and it hopped away with my car keys
I open up the refrigerator and see some mice are eating my cheese
Step into the living room I see a lions watching tv
I wonder if this lion even has a personality
The lion looked at me and he said was on parol (I'am)
I said it does not matter I'm still calling animal control
I step into the bathroom I see a pig is bathing in my tub
I wonder if this piggy mothafucka even got some quality mud
Oh why do they come to take shower
Don't they know this house has no power
I step into the bedroom I see a Billy goat chillin on my bed
He said could you please close the door cuz I'd rather live here instead
I said get out or I'll redecorate your face in the color of red
He then apologize to me and said his name is ned
Said it does not matter what your name is get out or ya wind up dead
So billy goat ned just bit me on the ass and screamed out that I'm a dickhead


In 2007, the Penguin Revolution went into the studio for the first time. They recorded an untitled EP consisting of 5 songs, of which "Jamanji Crib" became an instant classic. In the winter of 2010, the band reunited with several former members to record a music video for Jamanji Crib which is circulating the internet at lightning speed via Facebook and Youtube. Other hits and fan-favorites include the 12-minute hard rock epic known as "Lydibot", and the can't-stop-dancing super funk of "Soul Brotha".
In 2009, the band went back to the studio for another EP. This time around, with a slightly augmented lineup, the CD delivered hit after hit with "Punky", "Coleman Parade", "Rhombus on Parkside" and "The Tentacle Surprise", all capped off with a long, dark and brutal musical journey entitled "Jebediah Christine".
Coleman Parade and Tentacle Surprise received airplay on several internet radio shows.
In 2010, the band released a full-length CD consisting of the 2 previous recordings, now all together in one handsome package.
All recording and distribution is done privately and unsigned, out of the band members' pockets.
Jamanji Crib video was filmed and directed by Jared Cohen of Trap Light Media. Shot in a small twelve block town in Long Island, NY my home town Point Lookout. The song is about a guy coming home and finding his house has been taken over by animals. The band, taking the meaning of the song as well as their love for pirate, roller chicks and extreme originality, TPR came up with this entertaining, fun filled and wacky video. "We have made it our civil duty to warn the world that the revolution is coming...What would you do?!?" Plans are in the works for a second music video.