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the PENNANT is a San Diego-native band blending elements of R&B, Pop/Rock, and Hip Hop to make up their very distinct sound. If John Legend & The Fray made passionate love, and had a passionate love-child, that child would be the PENNANT. They're catching the ears (and eyes) of many across the US!


the PENNANT is a band from San Diego, CA that blends elements of Pop/Rock, R&B and Hip-Hop to form a very refreshing sound. All from the same High School, none of them knew each other played music until after graduation. In fact, Casey Peek (Guitar) and Isaiah (Lead Vocals/Keys) didn’t pick up an instrument until their sophomore years in college, once the jock years were over. Oscar Gonzalez has been playing drums since he was 4 and has the most experience in music of the band. Jed Peek learned guitar and bass in Jr. High School.

The band formed when Isaiah and Casey decided to finish a few songs Isaiah had begun writing while off at school in Tulsa, Oklahoma. “6 Days Weak”, “Soon Enough”, “Young Sir” and “Rescue Me” were a few of the songs they worked on together and later were recorded with the band and put on their first EP, “Soon Enough EP”. Casey and Isaiah later met Oscar, who would become their drummer, while volunteering to lead worship at The Rock Church High School Ministry and the youth pastor asked if Oscar could play with them during service. The chemistry was instant and mutual. They still needed a bassist and had no idea the perfect man for the job had been with Casey his entire life. It was his brother, Jed Peek. Jed filled in for them at their first full band show on the main stage at The House of Blues and after the show, they realized, this was the PENNANT.

The band focused on break up, and love songs in the beginning and Isaiah always said, “if I can reach just one person who has gone thru a breakup and help give them a melody to how they are feeling in order to get it out and over with, I will be happy”. They did just that. Soon after their release of their songs, they began to receive messages and letters and comments explaining to them how one of their songs got someone thru a hard week and how they felt the song was written just for them.

In just 2 years together, this young quartet has been grabbing the attention of music lovers everywhere. Playing some of the most renowned venues on the West Coast, and supporting some of the biggest names in music today, the PENNANT has played sold out shows at the House of Blues San Diego, The Roxy Theater, The Viper Room, The Troubadour, and more and has opened for bands such as Andy Grammer, Ernie Halter, Jason Mraz & POD. This young band has quickly made a name for itself and continues to gain fans and believers everywhere.


Wake Up Dreaming

Written By: Isaiah Blas

Verse: 1
There’s nothing wrong with dreaming
(Just that) Somehow in between em’
I can’t seem to get my hopes to feel as real.
(I’ve been) praying for a long time
I hope its not the wrong time
Time is passing fast and I’ve none to kill
Everyday I tuck my heart away
Every night it finds its way back to you
Each night I cry I wake up dreaming
But I know ill wake up,
Wishing you were here in my arms.
Verse 2:
You know it hurts when you’re misleading
Got me here believing,
(That) I can be the man that’s your world.
I give you all I’ve ever got
Cause you’re all I ever want
But you don’t stay long enough to feel.

Ain't Goin Down

Written By: the PENNANT

Verse 1 :
She came with a list full of dreams and a fist full of why she can make it/
She came with her heart on her sleeve and a look in her eye just don’t break it/
Now it seems it gets harder to sleep and its hard just to breathe in this new town/
When everybody’s just a part of the scene so its hard to get seen or just be found//

Oh, theyre never gonna break us/
Oh, theyre never gonna take us/
Down down down! //

Sleep well in the city of angels/
The city of angels/
Sleep well in the city of angels/
The city of aint goin down! //

Verse 2:
She’s the one for me but why cant she see, why cant she see where I’m standing/
I never thought that she’d get caught in between all the silver and drinks and her new friends/
She’s givin all she’s got (Tryna make it)/
Forgetting all she was (tryna fake it)/
But baby you could be better off alone!//
Uh oh no theyre never gonna break us/
Uh oh no theyre never gonna take us/
Uh oh no theyre never gonna break us down/

Take Me Away

Written By: the PENNANT

Verse 1:
Baby can you take my breath away?/
And tell me all the things you never had the chance to say?/
Knock the wind out my chest and tell me that we’re blessed tonight/
Cause I cant keep missing you like this (no, no)/

But now that you’re gone/
I can see where I went wrong/
Its just so clear now that youre not standing here/
That I made mistakes/

Take me away from this place where youre not around/
Cause I cant go on and im just not strong enough/

Verse 2:
Baby can I take your breath away?/
And tell you all the things you know I truly meant to say/
I know we’re in the wrong place and it the wrong time/
But looking hindsight baby/
I was a fool to let you go/
You get me high


LIVE @ The Fuse Lounge
Soon Enough [EP]
Sparrow [EP]

Set List

Set list can vary from 30mins to 1.5 hrs.