The People Brothers Band
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The People Brothers Band

Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Madison, Wisconsin, United States
Band Rock Jam


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This band has not uploaded any videos



""You should check them out too…before they get too big to play little clubs.”"

” Tight, funky and fun with great vocals. You should check them out too…before they get too big to play little clubs.”-Bill Geist’s Zeitgeist
- Bill Geist’s Zeitgeist

"High Noon Saloon Quote"

“Combines elements of classic rock, blues, and soul. Their music is fun and will make your toe tap, your bum shake, and even get you out on the dancefloor.”- The High Noon Saloon - The High Noon Saloon

"People Brothers Band goes to “market”"

“They’ve got this energy that makes the show that much more entertaining,”Katrina Houmes (‘12). “Every time I see them, it is unreal, they are so talented.”Katrina Houmes (‘12) has seen The People Brothers Band perform several times at the Haymarket.“Their covers are incredible and really skillfully done, but their original songs are just as amazing,” Houmes said. - By: Lisa Diviney, Staff Writer Luther College Chips

""Want your face rocked off""

“Want your face rocked off???? This is the band to see. Never disappointing, they are sure to get you dancing and will leave you wanting more.”- Decorah Now - Decorah Now

""Their Stage energy is Infectious""

“More than a lot of Madison bands,the People know how to get their audience dancing. Their stage energy is infectious, and their strong rhythms make listeners want to move. That has turned them into a successful regional draw, especially at summer festivals.”

- Rich Albertoni, Isthmus (Sep 09, 2011)
- Rich Albertoni, Isthmus (Sep 09, 2011)

"The People Brothers Band"

Dubbed "soul-jammers" by local newspaper the "Isthmus" ( The People Brothers Band has a diverse sound drawn from soul, R&B, funk, classic jam rock, blues, folk, and Reggae. Their eclectic mix of original songs and covers has moved dance floors and minds across the upper midwest. - Isthmus


Still working on that hot first release.



From humble beginnings at late-night open jams in a downtown Madison bar, The People Brothers Band have solidified over the past three years into an eight-piece Rhythm and Soul powerhouse. Their eclectic blend of original grooves, conscientious lyrics, soulfully mastered vocal and instrumental work, along with diverse self-tailored covers, holds the crowd on the dance floor and keeps them begging for more. From Funk to Soul, Rock to Reggae, Folk to R & B, they’re guaranteed keep the audience on their feet.

Performing over 140 shows to date, The People Brothers Band are most at home on a live stage. As a testament to their passion for live music and adventure. The PBB have produced, hosted, and headlined their own grass-roots, independent, live music and camping festival every year since their first summer together in 2009. Featuring three days of more than 20 local and regional Bands from Madison and across the Midwest (look out for People Fest 4! (Aug 2012).

Comprised of: Teresa Marie (Lead Vox), Bobby G (Lead Vox/Keys), Greg Schmitt (Drums/Vox), Timmy Lochner (Guitar/Vox), Adam S…(Percussion/Vox), Nicky! (Lead Guitar/Vox), Matt Simmersauce (Saxophone/Vox), Scotty Lochner (Bass Guitar), and an influence spectrum ranging from Bluegrass to Hip-Hop…They are a hard act to pigeon-hole….

The People Brothers Band can be seen touring regionally in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and upper Michigan, as well as headlining frequent hometown shows in Madison. You can also find them…… On facebook under Thepeople Brothersband…. at….. or contact them by email at for booking info.