The People

The People


The People are a band that leave you humming the tune of their blend of catchy indie/rock/reggae after every gig or listen. They have been known to make people smile. Not every band can do that!


It all began in the year 2000, 5 guys, a garage and an A4 pad full of songs. A 2fm/Shockwaves competition was entered, the cork heats were won(by us). Off to Dublin to play the ambassador to a crowd of 1500 people, not bad for our second gig. A few gig's were played and then the band went on hiatus . A few years later 3 of the members got back together to form a new band. With a few years of experience behind them from playing with other acts, the guys quickly gelled again. New songs were written and the guys were eager to preform. A few gigs were played under the name 'sounds of the revolution' but the most notable was the winning of a battle of the bands competition giving them the chance to record there first single. With this confidence the guys went onto to play almost every venue in the city and some others outside of the city. With every gig they learned more, meeting inspirational musicians and music lovers along the way. In the space of 12 months the band played approx. 30 gigs!! The People have recorded they're first EP with Ciaran O'Shea(ex Cyclefly). The EP is set for release summer '08. The People are influenced by everyone from Bob Dylan to the Frank and Walters!


"My Favorite Lover"(2007) Single
"Welcome to the 21st Century" EP (2008)
To be released.
Track listing
1. Ode to the Good Guy
2. The Beggar and the Queen
3. Familiar Stranger
4. When I Grow up

Set List

I loved you but...
Get a Life
We should be Friends
Familiar Stranger
My Favorite Lover
The Revolution Starts today
Sex, Drugs And Rock 'n' Roll
Ode to the Good Guy
Devil at the Crossroads
Oh, Not I
When I Grow Up
Soldier Song

Our sets range from 45 minutes to an 1 hour and 45 minutes