The Perfect Excuse

The Perfect Excuse


The Perfect Excuse is the breath of fresh air you've been gasping for. These guys masterfully blend pop and punk rock to create a raw, edgy sound. With The Perfect Excuse, you won't just see another 5-piece band playing alot of great tunes. You'll get an entire production...


THE PERFECT EXCUSE masterfully blends pop and punk rock, creating original tunes that you can't seem to get out of your head. When writing and arranging, we keep in mind that we must appeal to a variety of fans and venues and conscientiously create music that will appeal to the largest of audiences. We also use the same logic when selecting covers songs and only choose those that are Top-40 radio friendly. With THE PERFECT EXCUSE, you won’t just see five guys playing instruments - you will be fully entertained. Our stage show creates an environment for dancing and interaction and includes audience participation and various giveaways, time permitting. Our resolve is to create a party atmosphere at every live event.

What sets the Perfect Excuse apart from many bands is our attention to detail and a commitment to doing the little things so that each show is a complete production. You rarely will find a group of musicians with the diverse influences and tastes as in The Perfect Excuse.

Some of our accomplishments include:

Best Musician in Rock Genre (Artist Undiscovered Award) presented by MBSTIA (Musicians Business Services for Todays Independent Artist)

Recipients of a Grant and Sponsorship from Jim Beam Bourbon

WHFS Live Airplay & Interview (Baltimore/Washington, D.C.)

WIYY 97.9FM "98 Rock" Airplay (Baltimore/Washington, D.C.)

MHz Rocks WNVT Television Live Performance & Interview (Washington, D.C.)

WBXQ 94.7FM Airplay & Live Interview (Pennsylvania)

Song ‘Sometimes’ featured in independent film, “Johnny Come Lately”


4 Demo songs currently on our website. Our new self titled CD to be released in August/September, 2007.

Set List

A typical set list mixes up to 14 originals into a 50 song lineup. With over 50 songs available, we have the flexibility to perform as an original opener or headline with at least three hours of material. Bands we cover include: Green Day, Blink 182, Goo Goo Dolls, Tool, Rage Against the Machine, Tonic, Bush, and many more. Set lists are arranged based on the venue and anticipated audience mix.