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The Perfects



The Perfects are an entity that is not easily pigeonholed as being part of one sound or scene. They are the end result of a concoction of influences that span across decades of music and mold into a form that is equal parts edgy, catchy and a sound all their own. Most often described as Duran Duran meets Nine Inch nails, the band have spent years perfecting their craft into a sound that is familiar, yet distinguishable, and leaving the listener no other choice but to dance a long.

Consisting of Ric Peters and Tim Phillips as principle songwriters, with contributions from Wayne Crowther, the group is only at the beginning of a promising endeavor. Having recently released an EP with the assistance of mixer Nic Hard (The Bravery, The Church) and mastering by Scott Hull (Garbage, Bruce Springsteen), the group find themselves knee deep in collaborations already. Tim "Hollowboy" Phillips recently remixed Mindless Self Indulgence on top of The Perfects teaming up with Grammy nominated DJ Richard Vission (Madonna, Justin Timberlake), Grammy winner Dave Feeny (White Stripes/Loretta Lynn) and former Public Image Ltd. bassist Pete Jones.

Joined by Jeff Bradford, Victoria Hunter and Brent Shiley to round out the live performance aspect, the group have recently begun to take to the stage, delighting new audiences and winning over new fans every time as even those newly introduced to The Perfects dance to the music all night long. Catch the group routinely in the North East and soon throughout the world.

The group have already shared the stage with Ghostland Observatory, Scissors For Lefty, Theo & The Skyscrapers, The Static Age and a host of others in their first year of live performances.


2006 - The Perfects EP

Set List

Varies based on audience. Can play 45min+ sets.