The Perilous Tide

The Perilous Tide

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If guitars have left you behind then catch up to what's going on in Austin Texas with the duel guitar attack of this three singer quartet.


Like many bands in Austin Texas, this quartet is made up of lifers. Lifers are all over this town. The Perilous Tide have two members from The Golden Apples, taking the rock from the band that mostly popped and creating a new front on guitar based rock scene that is Austin.
Michael Crow of Grand Champeen fame recorded the LP over 2009 and the band released "From the Other Side" in late Sept of that year.
Releasing the LP on vinyl was the first step.
Three singers, Three song writers, four twists on the format.
Basically the influence of these members came when rock'n'roll came to us in color. sifting through 70's power rock and midwest hoots.


Released full length LP 'From the Other Side" on blue vinyl and CDs and downloads available.

Set List

We can do a an hour and a half of our own tunes but tend to mix in a few covers of our favorites like Bulldog Skin, a Big Star, even a placemat.