the Perils of Being

the Perils of Being


Ambient, hard-hitting, and rhythm-driven rock music fronted by emotionally melodic vocals with meaningful conveyances.


Three years ago in a small Poway rehearsal studio, The Perils of Being was born. Formed from the ashes of many previous bands and deriving their sound from numerous influences, The Perils of Being has remained true to its sound. Writing self-proclaimed “ambient hard rock”, The Perils of Being combines ethereal melodies with rhythm-driven rock music. With their original line-up still intact, except for acquiring a new vocalist in 2005, the quartet continues to thrive in the San Diego area supported by a strong assembly of fans, friends, and family.
Comprised of Noah Slifka and his passionate, vigorous drumming; Sean Barrett and his driving, yet melodic guitar work; Matt MacAdams and his amazing mastery of the bass; and Matt Wehren’s heartfelt vocals, The Perils of Being create more than just ordinary radio-friendly rock. The members captivate audiences with energetic live shows and strive to leave no one feeling disengaged. Their music speaks to all, both lyrically and aurally, and they are truly a band that loves what they do.
To date, The Perils of Being have performed up and down the Southern California coast from San Diego to Santa Barbara, stunning audiences with their energetic live performances. They have performed live on San Diego’s Fox 6 News, been invited to the Connexion International Music Festival in Las Vegas, NV, and have shared the stage with national acts such as Mushroomhead, Drowning Pool, and most recently, Disturbed. The San Diego music community has also recognized The Perils for their talent. In 2005, after only three months with new front man Matt Wehren, The Perils of Being was nominated for a San Diego Music Award in the “Best Rock” category. The band is currently at work on their debut album, ‘The Unheard’, expected to be released independently in early fall of 2006.
Three years running, and with countless more to come, The Perils of Being continue to perform for anyone and everyone. From playing more than a few shows for less than a few people to awing the audiences of sold out theaters, their quality remains the same. Passionate, emotional, and strong…lend an ear and The Perils of Being will gladly provide a story.

"the perils of being dig deep into the psyche of hard rock, dissecting it, piece by piece, to reveal its many depths and dimensions. the perils of being pound on you with an onslaught of treacherous guitars and fiercely beating kick drum while simultaneously tugging at your heart strings with the melodic yet subtle cry of their penetrating lyrics. With determination and strength, this band has a long road of making music ahead of them."


the perils of being would like to acknowledge our sponsors for their support: Jagermeister, Whiteboy Clothing, Camel Cigarettes, Rival Sports and Clothing, Monster Energy Drink, in addition to local radio stations 91x and 94.9 for their continuous playback of our music, and Furnace Management for taking us under their wing. We thank you.

-the perils of being


-self titled EP (2004) "the perils of being"
-Garbage Pail Compilation 2004
-Garbage Pail Compilation II 2005
-"The Unheard" 4-song sampler EP
-"The Unheard" full-length 2007

Set List

Our typical set list for a 40 minute set would consist of 8 to 10 songs; a 30 minute set would consist of 6 to 8 songs. We generally revolve our set around our crowd. Lend us an ear, and we'll gladly provide the story...