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The Perms

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 1998 | INDIE

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1998
Band Alternative Rock




"The Perms "The Aberdeen EP""

The Perms are back with their traditional punk pop sound on this short 4 song EP. “It’s Mania” starts us off with fuzz guitar riffs and catchy backing chants of “whoa-oh.” The title track is a bit more like Green Day fused with a slick studio production and expansive backing harmonies. My favorite here is the ear-worm “The Parent Thing” which reminds me of Adam Marsland or Bowling For Soup a little, and then it closes with the churning guitar rhythm of “Walk Away.” Overall a really good EP from a veteran band. -

"[READ] The Perms ‘The Aberdeen EP’ [REVIEW]"

Hello there, audience! Today I’m bringing you a review of an album called The Aberdeen EP from alternative rock band The Perms. For those not in the know, these guys have been around since 1998 and this EP is their sixth studio album. What these guys deliver is simple but exceptionally melodic and catchy alt-rock that is radio friendly yet authentic enough to keep it from becoming phony or stale. What The Perms make clear right from the get-go on The Aberdeen EP is that they are not fooling around one bit. This is alt-rock at 200 MPH that will leave your head spinning and begging for more.

The EP kicks off with the blistering “It’s Mania“, with dirty guitar riffs and “WOAH-OH!”s jumping all over the place. If you were in a coma, this song has successfully snapped you out of it. The sheer fun and intensity that is contained in this single track delivers nothing short of an absolute adrenaline rush. There’s also a great, crystal-clear guitar lead that pops up in the second half of the song that sounds freakin’ awesome.

The title track “Aberdeen” brings things down a slight notch from the previous track, offering a more soulful and emotional tune. With its thumping drums and harmonized vocals, this ends up being my favorite track on the EP. The lyrical content of the track is about taking it slow and not going through everything too quickly, which is something we can all relate to and it feels really poignant here.

“The Parent Thing” bounces right back to the straight-forward rocking of the first track, though here the production drops out occasionally to give the powerful vocals even more of a kick. This is definitely the most happy and upbeat track on the EP, with every single aspect from the vocals to the instrumentation steam-rolling ahead with a clear and sunny vibe which makes it pretty dang near impossible to not be swept up by it all.

The EP concludes with the slightly-darker and rougher track “Walk Away“. This track has some nice keys that pop-up occasionally to give it a unique feel, and the guitar solo in the second-half of the song is electrifying. This track does a great job of changing the pace slightly and offering a bit more intensity to the songwriting to give this EP a ferocious finale.

Overall, The Aberdeen EP is an excellent bunch of songs for anyone who has even an inkling of interest in triumphant and infectious alternative rock. You can tell that these guys know what they’re doing when it comes to delivering loud, fast and fun rock music that has just as much heart as it does muscle. Check this one out for sure, guys. -


The Aberdeen EP (2013)

Sofia Nights (2012)

Keeps You Up When You're Down (2010)

Better Days (2005)

Clark Drive (2002)

Tight Perm (1998)



On The Aberdeen EP, The Perms put their best foot forward.

After a busy spring writing new material, the band picked a handful of their best songs and headed into Vambo Sound Productions. The Perms goal was simple: to put all their focus into crafting arrangements that would push their instinctive writing skills and seasoned musicianship to a whole new level. The results of their hard work are four high-energy, guitar-driven songs that feature sing-a-long melodies with an aggressive, harder-edged sound.

The Aberdeen EP track-listing:

1. It's Mania

2. Aberdeen

3. The Parent Thing

4. Walk Away

The Aberdeen EP is The Perms' sixth studio album. Their music has matured but still revolves around the group's melody-driven sound. Their commitment and inspiration to creating their own original music has never wavered, and their constant dedication to improve on their songwriting and musicianship skills is clearly evident with their new release.

This band truly loves what they do.

A strong melody and compelling hook have always been hallmarks of The Perms' music, that comes shining through here on the The Aberdeen EP." - Snobs Music

"Thursday Review's take on this EP: this is great alt, indie stuff--enough said." - Thursday Review

"The Perms make clear right from the get-go on The Aberdeen EP that they are not fooling around one bit. This is alt-rock at 200 MPH that will leave your head spinning and begging for more." -

The Perms are an alt-rock trio from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The group is made up of Shane Smith (bass/vox), Chad Smith (guitar, vox), and John Huver (drums). The band formed in 1998 and has released five prior albums: Sofia Nights (2012), Keeps You Up When You're Down (2010), Better Days (2005), Clark Drive (2002) and Tight Perm (1998).

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