The Pervz

The Pervz


The Pervz are a high energy, good time rock/punk band. Very exciting live show, cheap suits, skinny ties, light show & catchy tunes.


Take one set of rockin' brothers from Texas, add a monster drummer from Chicago's South side, throw in some blazing rock n' roll & a live show to match and there you have The Pervz. Formed in early 2003, The Pervz are one act you certainly don't want to miss. The Pervz like it loud, The Pervz like it fast. High energy good time rock n' roll spiked with some punk influence and a raw sound the world will soon devour, don't miss any chance that you may have to take a peek at The Pervz. Since forming, The Pervz have enjoyed the opportunity to play with acts such as: FEAR, TSOL, The Dickies, Angry Samoans, The Briefs, The Stitches, Texas Terri, etc...

Spread the word, let the word be heard - the word is The Pervz.


4 song EP, self titled
7 song EP, self titled
'Pieces of You' - 7" vinyl on Wood Shampoo records
10 song LP titled 'Get it Out' - self released
songs on the website & MySpace, also being played locally, KWVA in Eugene OR, small station in Texas, radio station in France, in Argentina & internet radio stations

Set List

15 songs, just under 40 minutes