The Peryls

The Peryls

 London, England, GBR

The Peryls write beautifully crafted twisted pop songs with a near obsessive attention to detail.


The Peryls formed in London in 2007 and have been recording and gigging ever since.

They’ve supported Murder by Death, The Clientele and The Delays among others, as well as hosting several of their very own Extraordinarium shows*.
Their three EPs have all featured on BBC radio and are made up of tales of madness and regret that may seem beautiful, if you don’t get too close.

This year sees the release of their first album ‘A Man He Was to All the Country Dear’.

It documents the fading memories of A Man, which may or may not be true...


EP - By Medicine Life May Be Prolonged -June 2008 - Golden Hoof Records
EP- Yet Death Will Seize The Doctor Too- September 2008- Golden Hoof Records
EP- I Have Not Slept One Wink- - December 2009- Golden Hoof Records
Album- A Man He Was to All the Country Dear - October 2011- Golden Hoof Records