The Pete Kilpatrick Band

The Pete Kilpatrick Band

 Portland, Maine, USA

"Killer Sound" - Kings of Leon "These guys are fuckin' radical!" - Jason Mraz "My new favorite artist" - Adam Gardner (Guster) * 2006 Portland Phoenix BEST POP / ROCK ACT * * 2006 Portland Phoenix BEST LOCAL ACT *


"Portland has the biggest crush on Pete Kilpatrick... the new star of the [Maine] music scene," says the Portland Phoenix. And judging by the wave of success the 23-year old singer-songwriter has had in the past two years – sharing the stage with such artists as Guster, Gavin DeGraw, O.A.R., Ray Lamontagne, Better Than Ezra, Blues Traveler and many more while also selling more than 17,000 records independently – it looks like the rest of the nation may find themselves just as smitten with him very soon.
It seems all eyes are on Kilpatrick and his band whenever they are in the Great State of Maine, with the Portland Press Herald calling him, “The Maine Artist to Watch in 2007.” And now the rest of the country is beginning to peek in on the band’s music with steady internet CD sales and heavy MySpace traffic. praised Kilpatrick as “the best kept secret in indie music.” But with a burgeoning fan base that is growing by the minute in New England and supporters sprouting up across the country and even over seas, it appears that the secret has been leaked rather massively.

Even the highly-competitive and critical Boston music scene has been embracing Kilpatrick, as he was nominated for a 2006 Boston Music Award for songwriting and has appeared as part of several sold-out shows in recent months. With his secrecy blown, the Pete Kilpatrick Band – which features keyboardist/saxophonist Steve Morell, Matthew Cosby on bass (formerly of Jeremiah Freed) and Matt Lydon (formerly of Averi) on the drums – there’s only one thing to do: hit that open road!

The wheels are rapidly spinning for the Pete Kilpatrick Band in support of the new release Louder Than the Storm, produced by Jon Wyman (Ray Lamontagne, As Fast As, Rustic Overtones), hitting every college and high school in their path. The album is Kilpatrick’s third full-length and most-accomplished work to date, with appearances by Adam Gardner (Guster), Ryan Zoidis (Soulive), Spencer Albee (As Fast As), among others. Louder flows fluidly from aggression and urgency to subtlety and melancholy, much like the current of the rivers and seaside that the Maine native frequented during the record’s inception.

Exploration has always been an innate instinct for Kilpatrick, one that he and his fellow musicians followed throughout the creation of the album. The waters were tested with their heaviest and most ambitious material thus far, juxtaposed with the sounds of 70’s AM soul – cleverly weaving sounds that echo of early Hall & Oates, Travis and Incubus into a brand of rock unique to Kilpatrick and his co-conspirators.

Equally important with this batch of material from the thoughtful, introspective Maine native is that these songs are succulently fresh – all written within just a few months from the time the record button was pushed. That was Kilpatrick’s plan all along: to keep the material rich with creativity and spontaneous impulses, rather than reaching back and reworking the older material.

“What’s most important is that the songwriting is consistently interesting, and [Kilpatrick’s] not afraid to take chances,” says Sam Pfeifle (Portland Phoenix) of 2005’s Yesterday Love (which set sales records for an independent artist at New England music store chain Bull Moose Music). With Louder Than the Storm, Kilpatrick reaches even further into the realm of chance and the result is a melodic and contagious string of songs that ebb and flow through heartache, uncertainty, the open airs of Maine and are already causing a thunderous rumble throughout the music industry.



Written By: Pete Kilpatrick

There's a flare in your eyes
That reminds me of fireflies
And I can't seem to shake that today
I'm sitting on a bridge while I wait for you
To jump in and swim away

There's a fire in my chest
And it only burns faster when you're around
And I'm sinking slowly
To the bottom of the deepest wishing well

And you say to me my love
When it's raining down on me
Some things I can't relate to
Soon enough you'll see

There's a star in the sky
That I wish I could reach up and grab for you
But my arm isn't long enough
My grip isn't strong enough
To grab ahold

And there's a face that I'm wearing
That I don't plan on sharing with anyone
Cause it's mine all mine
And you gave it to me

Now I'm turning back the time
To a place when you were mine
Now i'm standing on the shoreline
I'm not going back

I'm not going back


Halfway Home – 2003
Yesterday Love – 2005
Louder Than The Storm – 2006
Hope In Our Hearts – 2008

Set List

Changes nightly. Enough material to fill any amount of time.