The Pet Ghost Project

The Pet Ghost Project



The Pet Ghost is one man and at 24 has traveled hither and yon, over hill and over dale in order to breathe its raw and unbridled adventures and experiences through the music. From coast to coast and a couple stops in between, Justin Stivers (mastermind of the ghost) has lived, rocked and brewed these colorful experiences of the road, cities and small towns to culminate a colorful and ever-changing form of music and band line-up. From the studio to the stage in cities like Seattle, Olympia, Portland and New York (are just a few on the list) where this songer sing writer has hung his hat. “The Great Satisfactory” (P.G’s first “real” l.p) is seamlessly littered with a dizzying swirl of melodies, lush texture and varying song structure that usually leaves the listener spinning. Unsure of what is around the next musical bend? Well, that my friend is what makes the Pet Ghost Project unique and captivating. These songs are anything but cutesy lil’ pop tunes not too unlike candy, tasty yet does not fulfill the appetite. No, this is meat and tatters (or whatever you choose to fill your gullet) …maybe not easily digestible yet something that will last much longer if you should take it in. This bold new album mixes melodic qualities of the Beach Boys and Built to Spill with the raw and versatile elements of older Modest Mouse and Neutral milk hotel.


Drunk and Smiling at Heaven

Written By: Justin Stivers

Lyrics for "Drunk and Smiling at Heaven"

the crows are filing in/ one by one over graves/ getting drunk off decay/ i would join in with their laughter/ but i've never been that good/ at smiling.


Written By: Justin Stivers

well i woke up and decided/ to sleep in the whole damn day/ gotta get drunk/ gotta attend church/ but all we've got is a ways to drive to cleanse out soul/ but we made it so far/ until we forgot/ about those sins/ we simply drowned with the best of intentions/ in ambition and wine.
the night swallows and digests/ in this atmosphere/ is it liquid or air? I'm the alien swimming/ through oceans and stars/ i'm the alien swimming/ through plastacine cars/ but it doesnt matter/ what we inhale/ we will defy all laws to be simple and free/ poor but in luxory.
Where nothing could go wrong/ mend you soul with song


"The Great Satisfactory" L.P
"I am Nothing New, You are Nothing Special" L.P