The Pet Rocks

The Pet Rocks

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

Five white boys with melodic guitars, sparkly keys and well tuned drums making a joyful racket about life, love, loss and other universal concerns.


We are currently (2013) completing our third album, High Frequencies. It was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland in one marathon 24 hour session.

2014 will mark the 20th anniversary of the Rocks.

Back story:
A young Nick Kreisler had found success with an earlier incarnation of THE PET ROCKS in New Zealand. The band was based in 90’s Auckland, supported The Cruel Sea in 1995 and was widely acclaimed for their appearances at numerous live venues through the country and festivals including the Big Day Out and iconic Kiwi music festival, Sweetwaters (headlined by Elvis Costello, UB40 and Pere Ubu). The band’s hit single, “Blunter Classics Vol. 3” from the ‘PR Nightmare’ album (released in 1998) is still played on New Zealand radio.

Big Day Out, NZ live review ‘96. “The Pet Rocks are displaying the kind of off the cuff arrogance that will make them legends in any lunchtime”… “Only Iggy could have done it better”. John Russell, RIP IT UP

After moving to Sydney in 1999, Kreisler initially played solo and continued to develop as both a songwriter and musician, playing in the inner city venues, including the Hopetoun. In 2000, Rob Young joined him to form Lucky Country, but it was always Kreisler’s dream to revive THE PET ROCKS synergy. Paul Hurrell collaborated for an appearance on air at FBI in 2005, and the trio continued to play gigs throughout Sydney. However once Rory Toomey and Nick Beswick were found a new era of THE PET ROCKS was born.

THE PET ROCKS were soon at Tardis Recording Studios in Sydney cutting ‘WAYWARD WAYS’ in 2006. The aim was to keep the sound fresh and live, and allow the character of the songs to take centre stage. "Putting together this group has been my lifelong goal and I am overwhelmed with how we’ve captured the vision I had for these songs", says Kreisler.

'WAYWARD WAYS' also includes a guest appearance on guitar from Cameron Emerson Elliott (Youth Group) for tracks "Easy Tiger", "The Scots" and “Shimmer”.


Wayward Ways

Written By: Nick Kreisler

You carry ghosts
wherever you go
A dusty coat
that you cannot shake the dust from
And there’s a door
at the end of the hall
You’ve got the key
with a tooth which is broken

And there’s a beaten up piano
with twisted keys
That you cannot
get a tune from

Your wayward ways
The way I would
Take you back if I could
To show you all the damage
You left behind

And there’s a rustling of leaves wherever I go
I can’t hold on to anything
And something in my heart
something in my soul
Keeps telling me that I’ve gotta go

Your wayward ways
The way I would
Take you back if I could
To show you all the damage
You left behind

And you
cannot get a tune

The Scots

Written By: Nick Kreisler

Martin gave me his copy of Berlin
And headed off to Glasgow
He said he wanted to explore
The dark part of his soul

Because the Scots
thought that the Hills were the Moors

I headed south to Dunedin
And when I heard Pere Ubu’s Modern Dance
I could swear it kicked me in the head
Before it tore me apart

And it kicked open the doors of the Universe
It kicked open a hole in the Universe
I was engulfed by the roar of the Universe
I was engulfed by the roar in all its rawness

Martin was back within weeks
Looking much worse for wear
He got beat up in a Glasgow disco
For dancing, all alone
He said: “Don’t ever go to Glasgow... unless you know the Moors!”

Because the Scots
thought that the Hills were the Moors


Written By: Nick Kreisler

It’s the end of the system
Its not gonna be fun
Chinatown needs oil
To throw in the wok
To pump out the products
To get you to shop

I believe – I listen to the sound of doom

There was Ground Zero
A blind spot in my eye
All that empty rhetoric
Emphasis on wreck
Chinatown is booming
I like to eat Chinese
There’s a nation of billions
Who are starting to freeze
I believe – I listen to the sounds of doom

All you energiser bunnies
Off your head on EEEs
With mechanical music
And hypnotic beats
Its gonna turn ugly
When the power goes out
When the party is peaking
And the lights go out

I believe – In the sound of doom


PR Nightmare - LP, 1998
Wayward Ways - LP, 2008
High Frequencies - LP, 2013

Set List

Easy Tiger
Aluminium Gold
The Scots
Slow Train
Dirty Jeans
The Underworld
Wayward Ways

About a 45 minute set. Do not generally do covers.