The PG-13s

The PG-13s


No Make-up, No Metal, Some Gimmicks. Often described as "the Beach Boys but harder," which is humbling to the four clean-cut boys who make the melodies. Taking roots in 50s and 60s rock and roll, while mixing with the Ramones and Weezer, The PG-13s will at the LEAST, get your toes tapping.


The PG-13s just want to make you dance (or at least sway moderately while crossing your arms, we know how you kids can be). It's that simple really. Since 2003 this intrepid quartet have been busy in the basement (and the studio) honing their pop sensibilities. Drawing influences from The Riverdales to Tom Jones, The PGs try not to take themselves too seriously, but rather, just serious enough to produce a pleasing melody, and a three-part harmony every once and awhile. Hailing from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, these young men have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the likes of The Queers, The Forgotten Rebels, The Vapids, The Riptides, and The Creeps to name a few. In the true pop tradition, their songs mostly revolve around puppy love, lollipops, loserdom, and geekyness, mixed with a spoonful of Americana, and lyrics which they think "clever" in their own minds. So, if you have the time , sit back, drop the needle, and take a listen while thinking about the girl/boy who stomped on your heart, or made it flutter.


10 Song Ep on Goblin Records "Operation 3-way" released June 2004. Featuring "Nightmare on Elm Street" and "Judy is a Dyke."

Upcoming EP Release Spring 2009.
featuring single tracks "Sure Thing," and "Sasha Sasha"

Set List

1. Winona
2. Crushin' Hard
3. Be True
4. Photolab Girl
5. Sure Thing
6. Oh So
7. Broke My Heart
8. Sasha Sasha
9. Daddy's Girl
10. The PG Thirteen
11. So Tell Me