Kansas City, Missouri, USA
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thePhantom* has been coined to be a Neo-Conscious rapper - a culturally enlightened lyricist with often times speed shifting delivery who utilizes electronic/futuristic influences within the instrumentation.

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"DeJa Vu" - 2005
"Release" - 2007 (iTunes)
"Re-Release: Sloppy Seconds" - 2008
"Phantastic Hummingbird Grooves for the Neo-Conscious Mind" - 2009
"Destroy & Rebuild" - 2009
"Bohemian Seductive Grooves for the Gay Soul" - 2010

Set List

Typical sets for thePhantom* are around thirty-minutes in length and usually consist of th following songs:

"I'm Back"
"Destroy & Rebuild"
"Mellow Moods"
"Save Us"